How to Avoid Spending Too Much on Hardware Maintenance

IT budgets seem to be remaining pretty tight out there. We’re all adopting cautious optimism that things will improve, but for the time being the belt-tightening seems to continue.

So what does that mean for your average IT professional? Well, quite simply, it means he/she has to find ways to do more with less. It’s pretty much a recurring theme we see all the time here at CXtec, therefore it’s exactly what we try to help our customers do. And it’s kind of one of the driving philosophies behind this blog.

You can save on network hardware maintenance.

One overlooked opportunity for savings is your hardware maintenance program. Many times we find that IT professionals see maintenance as a necessary evil. They often think, “I spent all this budget money on these high-priced switches, of course I have to invest in a maintenance program no matter the cost.”

There’s nothing inherently flawed in this logic, except for the cost part. It’s very true that a big investment in network hardware should be backed by some sort of insurance policy. A maintenance program is certainly one effective way to accomplish this. But why feel handcuffed to an expensive manufacturer maintenance program?

There’s a more cost-effective maintenance alternative.

Many reputable vendors offer their own version of hardware maintenance, and for far less than what the OEM would charge. For example, CXtec offers RapidCare®, our own next-business-day advance network hardware replacement for your technology. What’s really sweet about a program like RapidCare is that you get guaranteed next-business-day delivery of your hardware for as much as 50% less than what you would pay for an OEM-sponsored maintenance program.

That’s peace of mind for half the cost. Plus, it opens up another avenue in your budgetary planning where you can save some money to invest in other areas of your network or business.

Spare yourself the trouble.

Then there’s the option of incorporating a spares program. If you feel the mission-critical switches at the core of your network are absolutely vital and that downtime is completely unacceptable, why not get spares for that hardware? You could get refurbished equipment at a fraction of list price, and save a lot off the recurring cost of a maintenance program for the equipment at your core. That way you have back-up technology that’s hot, swappable, and ready to go.

If you backed the technology at the edge of your network with a lower-priced maintenance option like RapidCare, you could have the best of both worlds. You save precious budget money on both fronts!

It’s imperative to back your investment with an insurance policy. But with budgets being so tight these days, it’s just as important to choose the proper methods of insurance. Utilize a cost-effective maintenance program where appropriate, but don’t rule out using low-priced spares where those make the most sense. Combining these strategies will lead to the most ideal and smart investment you can make for your own peace of mind.


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