A Smart, High Performance Cabling Solution For the Data Center. The Skinny Trunk Solution.

There are all kinds of articles out there addressing issues in the data center.

  • Saving space

  • Data center cooling and energy costs

  • Increased performance

  • Scalability

  • Efficiency


Let's face it, people are looking for solutions to problems. It's not easy to find a solution that is smart, high-performance, makes your life simpler, and positions you well for the future.

Then again, maybe it is easier than you think.

If this is the kind of data center cabling solution you are looking to implement, you really should check out The Skinny-Trunk Solution.

This is helping more and more people all the time and it's converting people into raving fans.


What is the Skinny-Trunk Solution?



Skinny-Trunk Solution is a comprehensive, high-density trunking and fiber cable system that increases flexibility and improves performance in your  data center. With the Skinny-Trunk Solution you can save valuable and expensive square footage in your data center, reduce cable congestion, and make room for additional equipment and expansion in the future.



High Performance Cabling Solution

Here are the components that make up this cabling solution:

Fiber Trunk Assemblies
H-Series Enclosures
Enterprise Fiber Jumpers
Z-Mount™ Brackets



Why is this such a smart, high-performance cabling solution?


The performance of these products speaks for itself. They are designed to meet and exceed your loss budgets and distance ensuring your cabling infrastructure will last through generations of hardware upgrades including the ratified 802.3ab IEEE 40G and 100G. Are you interested in the lowest dB loss on the planet ?


The Skinny-Trunk Solution is smart because it offers flexibility, manageability, and time savings.

But don't take my word for it. Check it out for yourself.