CXtec Helps You Make the Most of Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, everyone!

This special day is upon us once again and it’s time for everyone to stop and consider what we’re doing to ensure our business and personal practices are beneficial for the environment.

Often times it seems like most people have very stringent personal rules for themselves when it comes to going green. We all spend so much time separating our recyclables at home and being vigilant about everything we do. We have reusable bags at the grocery store and we’re even composting in our backyards.

That’s great, but what about at work? Sure, we’re making fewer hard copies of those graphs and documents, but are there bigger business practices we could be adopting? Probably. Here are some practical solutions CXtec offers to create a greener workplace.

Buying used hardware is like recycling

CXtec’s business model has focused on reusing hardware since our inception more than 35 years ago. We refurbish used networking hardware and phones and provide them to end users who still utilize them in their infrastructures. Our goal is to help one user find value in materials that another user no longer needs. This concept of reuse is a fundamental principle in going green.

Maintaining your technology infrastructure longer is a great way to reduce the amount of technology waste in our environment. A lot of IT pros wind up migrating to new technology before their business needs demand it, simply because they don’t understand the benefits they can gain from using pre-owned hardware.

Extending the life of technology infrastructures raises your return on investment, reduces the amount of waste you create, and allows you to upgrade at a pace that makes business sense for your organization. You can reap enormous business dividends while also positively affecting the environment. Talk about a win-win situation.

We all need to play our part in protecting Mother Nature, so give pre-owned networking hardware a chance. Your budget and the Earth will both thank you.

An efficient data center is a green initiative

Our CABLExpress division offers high-performance fiber optic structured cabling solutions. That’s a fancy way of saying we help users get better efficiency, cleaner cable management and reduced costs in their data center infrastructures.

How do we do it? Our exclusive Skinny-Trunk Solution provides industry-leading performance, reduces the amount of bulk cabling, frees up critical airway paths, and lowers overall operating costs in the data center.

All these factors add up to having a facility that is cleaner and easier to cool. This lowers energy usage and has a positive cumulative effect for both the environment and our customers’ total cost of ownership.

You might be thinking, isn’t it a bit of a stretch to say that well-designed cabling infrastructures are a boon to the environment? Well, maybe, but think of the bigger picture.

If every organization committed to using high-performance cabling in a clean, manageable topology that keeps air moving freely and lowers energy costs, wouldn’t that have a huge impact on our environment as a whole? It definitely would. So please consider your data center cabling as a great opportunity to go green and help our environment this Earth Day.

A better world for our kids

At the end of the day we all just want to leave behind a better place for our kids to live. We have to use this philosophy in both our personal and professional lives. At CXtec, we see this every day in our business. There are strategies some folks don’t even consider that are great ways to both go green and save some green while doing them.