The Magic Formula to Heal the Heart of Your Network

High-quality, reliable network hardware and cabling are requirements for a high-performing technology infrastructure and a successful IT team that helps drive more business. It’s the heart of your network.

However, in these days of shrinking budgets and rising demands, CIOs, IT professionals, and buyers are being pressured to do more while reducing costs. How can this be done?

You have to heal the heart of your network.

What better message is there for Valentine’s Day than a happy, healthy heart?

Having the right approach when it comes to network hardware and cabling is a powerful way to enable your IT organization to do a lot more while optimizing your budget.

The “Magic” Approach to Network Hardware

  • Doing more with less money

  • Performance and reliability

  • Extending hardware lifecycles

  • Technology at your pace

How do you accomplish all the things listed above?

All that is required is a small shift in your thinking and your approach. Every network is comprised of different equipment and components. You have your core switches and edge switches. If you are like many, you may require more advanced performance or more robust features from a relatively small percentage of your switches. The rest of the switches you need might be used for connecting to desktops or something to that effect. 

Many IT professionals do what people have always done. They purchase the switches that are recommended by their manufacturer representative. Frequently, the recommended switches are newer switches with specs and features you probably don’t need to get the job done. It’s quite feasible that older, less expensive switches would work fine.

But the fear of forced obsolescence creeps in. People end up buying too much switch and using it on things that are far from mission-critical. This is not the way to accomplish more while optimizing use of your budget.

Here’s a different approach. Wherever you require the latest and greatest technology and features from your hardware, use the latest and greatest brand new switches. However, for the less mission-critical processes, opt for top-quality pre-owned switches, routers, phones, and other components.

When you partner up with a time-tested company with a proven track record who offers top quality pre-owned network hardware, you can get equipment that is as reliable as new while saving 50 – 90% off list price. This pre-owned hardware often comes with a lifetime warranty, but with reliability rating of 99.51% there’s only a very small chance you will even need to use that warranty.

You can then apply the money saved toward accomplishing more with your IT dollars.

The Magic Approach to Cabling

  • High performance
  • High manageability
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Future-proof cabling solutions

When it comes to cabling, the proper approach and thinking will also put you on the right path to achieving all of the above. The days of the old philosophy that “a cable is a cable” are numbered.

The demand for higher speeds is increasing all the time. That’s not going to change. Using quality cables is becoming more important to support your network. However, like network hardware, costs are a concern. So how can you have a smart long-term approach that offers performance, manageability, and lower TCO?

The best way to do this is by implementing a future-proof, highly organized cabling system that meets or exceeds curent cabling standards (such as TIA-942).

The ideal solution is a well-designed structured cabling system. The move from point-to-point cabling to a structured cabling system comprised of high-performance cabling is an investment that will reap many benefits.

Top quality components ensure performance and durability. However, a structured cabling system does so much more. When you have a system like the one pictured, you have designated areas to easily manage moves, adds, and changes. Some even focus heavily on port replication – actually replicating the ports of large switching environments in one central patching area. These structured cabling methods remove the stress, mess, inefficiencies, and risks that come along with a point-to-point method.

Here’s the bottom line.

When you implement a structured cabling system that meets or exceeds the cabling standards you are improving all of your information systems because even the most amazing layer seven applications rely on a quality layer one infrastructure.

One of the most important points to remember about this approach is that a proper structured cabling system will protect you for several future generations of technology upgrades. A high-performance cabling system that is easy to manage and makes you future-proof is a smart, cost-effective investment.

The Heart of Your Network Finds Happiness

When you combine these two effective approaches to network hardware and cabling, you ensure that the heart of your network is healthy. It is the “magic” formula to your IT organization accomplishing more with less. And that makes for a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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