Happy Tolkien Reading Day!

Usually we write about networking hardware and the technology world, but sometimes we let ourselves indulge in the things we love because we can’t always be about work!

With that in mind, we wish you a happy belated Tolkien Reading Day. This year, especially, we urge you to extend your celebration out for a few months. There is some exciting Tolkien original work coming very soon.

The Fall of Arthur

On May 23, Tolkien’s epic poem The Fall of Arthur will be released. Anticipation is high, as is speculation. The work will be a long narrative poem with alliteration but no rhyming. What will Tolkien’s take on Arthurian lore be? We all have our guesses, but check out this extensive dissertation on the subject: http://www.tolkienlibrary.com/press/1083-Fall-of-Arthur-Pre-Publication-Speculation.php

One thing is for sure; we’re all looking forward to it. Christopher Tolkien, JRR Tolkien’s son, edited the poem based on his father’s text and manuscript notes.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey on Blu-ray

The first of the three Hobbit films just came out on Blu-ray on March 19. In our opinion, the ten Production Videos that follow the filmmaking progress are a great addition to the package, but that’s really all there is to be excited about the special features. A few more sweet features would have been nice to get us excited. Especially since this release only has the theatrical version of the movie.

Word has it that an extended version of the film will be released later in 2013, hopefully before Christmas. Does it make sense to wait for the extended edition or are you anxious to watch it again now?

Film and Book Differences

We’re a bit hesitant to weigh in too much with our opinion on the differences between the book and the movie version of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. That kind of debate could lead to some heated discussions, as it has amongst friends and on the internet. Here are a couple of examples:

How you feel about Azog showing up as the film’s main antagonist, or Radagast the Brown riding around on a rabbit sleigh with bird poop in his hair is entirely up to you. Check out this extensive list and decide for yourself which changes added to the story and which were maybe unnecessary: