Great "Gift" Solutions for IT Professionals

With the demands of the job and budgets getting tighter, the IT pro deserves to get some "gifts" to make his working life better.  So, when looking at the budgets, here's some things to consider.

"gifts" for IT prosHere are some great IT "gift" solutions certain to have your IT team on your side heading into 2014:

High Perfomance Fiber Cables.

Every IT professional’s favorite stocking stuffer, cables help prevent dB loss and system crashes, and keep everything connected and flowing smoothly at the speed of light throughout your network.

Cisco Switches and Routers

Ease deployments and scale network performance with Cisco’s high quality switches that streamline the network and provide the ultimate in security.

Handle surging network traffic in the coming year and enable everyone get the applications and services they need, whether they are on the road or working in a branch office.

(It's hard to ignore that Cisco is the most popular choice for network hardware, so we went with them for the next two.  But there are lots of great network hardware choices - Nortel, Juniper, HP, and more.)

A Network Monitoring System.

Keeping an eye on the network 24-7 and fixing potential problems before they lead to downtime is one of IT’s most important jobs. Make it easier with an end-to-end monitoring system.

A Solution for Reducing Congestion in the Data Ccenter.

Tame that forest of snaking cables and maximize expensive square footage with a high-density trunking and fiber optic cable system.

Fiber Optic Cleaners.

Clean, dust-free fiber connectors maintain quality connections for fiber optic equipment, and avoid contamination that can cause the system to fail.

Efficient Storage.

IT has a lot of parts, hardware, and tools they need to keep clean, safe, and handy. Storage units designed for IT equipment can help them maximize tight spaces and store equipment properly.

A budget boost.

IT dollars seem to always be at a premium, yet this department represents the heart of the business in many ways. Boost IT’s cash flow with a budget increase for 2014. It’s an investment that will benefit the entire organization, as well as enabling the people who work in IT to fulfill their wish lists.

A Word of Thanks! 

IT pros are the unsung heroes of the business world.  They save your bacon (mmm bacon!) on a regular basis.  Most people would be lost without IT pros.  So, give them a big thanks...and give them a break.  They bust their tails making sure life is good for those working in offices, stores, factories, hospitals, schools and all kinds of organizations worldwide.  Next time you see an IT pro give them a high five, a word of praise, and maybe a small token of gratitude (again, bacon themed gifts and other goodies are often a welcome gift)

Nobody wants to earn the title of Scrooge. Sure...we get it.  Budgets are tight.  Everyone wants the numbers to be good.  So, it's always important to be mindful of costs. But it's possible to get the best of both worlds.

When trying to decide what to do with your budget at the end of the year, here are some practical ideas that you can use to improve the day to day operations of some of your most important workers: your IT staff.