Why Good IT Vendor Relationships Are So Important

When you call your vendor who picks up the phone? Are you ushered through a phone maze of stale voices and bad music? Are you greeted by a complete stranger? Do you feel like you are navigating a phone system? Do you feel like you are being sent through a process qualifying who you are ultimately sent to? Or maybe you are talking to the fifth new guy in the past six months.

We’ve all been there. And you know what? Nobody likes it.

It’s funny. When it’s time to buy some equipment, a service, or some software, we often think of it as just a purchase. While that may be true in some cases, it’s often a lot more.

When you think about your vendors and suppliers in the past, do you only call them to buy something? Probably not.  Odds are you call them to ask questions about those products or services. Maybe you want to know how a product will work under certain conditions. Maybe you are having some difficulties getting that product up and running and need a hand.  There are all kinds of reasons you might want to talk to a vendor.

So when you call your vendor, what do you want that experience to be like?

You certainly don’t want phone mazes or talking to strangers.

When you dial that phone, you want to talk to someone who knows you and your business.  It counts for something.  It may sound silly, but it’s like finding the right barber (or hair stylist).  You know who’s going to be there. You know that you are dealing with a professional. You know the quality is going to be there. When you are all done, you feel great. Not only that, you feel better about the money you spent.

It’s pretty much the same with IT vendors, isn’t it?

From our experience, we’d have to say yes. With over 30 years of being a provider of cables and networking equipment, you learn a thing or two about what the customers like. That’s why we try to create a great company culture that keeps our team members around for the long haul.  Our sales representatives, product specialists, and engineers often work with customers for years and years.

We are thankful for having such great customers and such long-lasting relationships.

While we all know business is business, when you boil it down business is about people. We understand that a customer can buy “a box” from 50 other companies.  But we don’t want our customers to remember the box. We want them to remember the people.