Free Webinar With Juniper & CXtec - The New Campus and Branch Network for Educational Institutions

FREE Webinar - Juniper Networks - The New Campus & Branch Network for Education Institutions

Student 2.0 is today's breed of user that learns online and on the move, and demands easy, anywhere, any device connectivity. Can you meet those demands?

A comprehensive yet "Simply Connected" range of wireless networking and security solutions empower you to meet, even exceed, rigorous student demands.

Students and staff are now using a mix of mobile devices, some personal and some school-owned, on campus Likewise, educational institutions are redefining their practices to embrace mobility, enabling them to improve the learning experience.

Whether using school-owned systems or personal devices such as smartphones or tablets, users always have safe, simple, and secure access to the campus network without compromising security, performance, or resiliency.


In this FREE webinar, you will learn:



• How to thrive in the next-generation learning experience while delivering the network control, security and cost-effective solutions your institution demands.



• How to give users safe, simple and secure access to the campus network without compromising security.



• How to deliver a consistent experience for Students, Faculty, Staff and IT.



• How to deliver greater connectivity and a more engaging experience to your students.



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