E! True Hollywood Story: Bob the Switch

High-End Beginnings

Meet Bob – he's an equal2new® switch. Bob started life in a fancy financial institution, processing thousands of transactions every day. He was happy there. Bob felt like his job had purpose and he was ready for a long, stable life working in the financial industry.

One day, rumors started to spread around the bank – upgrades were coming. One by one, Bob saw each of his co-workers packed into boxes and sent to an undisclosed location. First the phones were replaced, then the routers and finally the switches. Bob’s day had come and he wasn’t sure what would become of him. Bob worked just as hard as the new switches, but was forced to retire anyways. Or so he thought...

Second Chances

Little did Bob know, he was about to be purchased by CXtec and transformed into the best certified pre-owned network hardware in the industry! After his long journey from the bank, Bob found himself at CXtec’s Technology Certification and Distribution Center (TCDC). Bob received a warm welcome from the other routers, switches and phones that were sold to CXtec by the bank. He soon realized he had been given a second chance to do what he loved – bring peace of mind to his owners.

For the next few days Bob went through a very stringent, in-depth certification process. Bob was accurately tracked and coded, then quickly moved to each different technical phase of his cleaning. At last, Bob was repainted in TCDC’s new state-of-the art paint booth. He was shocked how fast this renewal process made him feel like a brand new switch. Better than that, Bob was becoming equal2new.

Bob began a series of extensive diagnostic tests, feeling as confident as ever. With flying colors Bob passed his power-on self-test (POST) and met all DRAM and Flash memory requirements. He was then load-tested to ensure he was able to pass real-world traffic through every port. He took great pride in proving he was ready to perform in a live environment.

He was checked and double checked, passing with ease every time. Bob felt validated because these tests proved that he worked just as well as the switches who had replaced him. Finally, Bob was cleared and reset to factory defaults, erasing all remaining proprietary data from the bank.

New Life. Guaranteed.

This time when it was Bob’s turn to be repackaged he wasn’t nervous. Instead, Bob was excited because he worked and looked like a brand new switch. He was ready to get back to work and show off his new capabilities.

Bob was placed in a box with cozy, foam-in-place packaging. He tried to sneak a peek at the purchase order to see where his new job would be located. Though he couldn’t tell where he was headed – he knew it didn’t really matter. He was ready for any challenge, no matter where he ended up. But he was definitely surprised to see how little he cost!

After all the high-quality treatments and tests Bob had gone through, he knew he worked just as well as the newer switches. The major differences? Bob was backed by the best lifetime warranty in the industry AND was sold at a big discount off list price.

Bob arrived at the shopping mall prepared, smiling and equal2new.