Screen Time, Gadgets, Gaming...and Real Life

profession-front-of-screenRecently I asked a bunch of IT Professionals some questions. It wasn't technical in nature, but it certainly has a great deal to do with the life of an IT pro.



1. How much screen time per day do you get?
2. How much time in front of screens  do you consider too much?
3. When you are not at work do you seek activities that don't involve a screen?
4. What are your thoughts? Are we spending too much time in front of screens? Are we taking in too much electronic stimuli?

So, are IT professionals spending too much time in front of screens?

I was recently reading about how the average person's "screen time" has substantially increased. Now, I am not talking about how much time people get on camera. It's the time people spend in front of a screen per day - monitors, phones, mobile devices, television, gaming, etc.

Well, it goes with the territory of IT pros and many other kinds of business professionals that they spend a bunch of time in front of a monitor. Add to this the recent study that says sitting down too much can take years off your life, and that's no good. So it got me thinking and thought it would be an interesting thing to ask about.



Here's how the IT Pros answered

ipad-screenMany IT pros confessed that they spend too much time in front of screens.  Some people who answered said they spend 12 to 16 hours per day in front of a screen. Of course, there is the 8 to 10 hours of screen time they get while working during the day. Then after work, many IT pros want to have some fun and blow off some steam doing some gaming. Others said they watch a bit of their favorite TV or movies. Others said they have personal projects and work they do once at home.

The good news is that most of the IT pros I spoke with said that they leave the office at the office. Plus, they said that they greatly reduce time in front of screens on the weekend.

Others made a point to say that they make sure to get away from screens when not at work. They enjoy hobbies and interests like hiking, fishing, sports, working on gardens, wood working and other outdoor activities.

Here's the thing, IT pros enjoy a lot of the activities that involve these screens. It makes them happy. They have fun. Whether it's blasting some alien ships, blogging on their favorite topics, working on personal projects, looking up bacon recipes online or catching a re-run of The Tick... it's enjoyment.

So, is that so bad? Heck, when I was a kid I played ball sun up until sun down. I am sure a study would have said I was over-doing it or that my life was out of balance. But I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.



Seek balance, Grasshopper.

As adults with responsibilities and bigger things to think about, we need to strive for balance in our lives. We need to get away from the screens now and then. It gives us a break. It let's us relax. It offers perspective.

Stop for 25 minutes to take a walk around your neighborhood, take a dip in the pool, practice your golf swing, treat yourself to a quick delicious meal or anything else that gives you a bit of time for yourself.

Having a little more balance and giving yourself these breaks away from the screen makes your time in front of the screen all the better.