CXtec: Ways to Connect, Share, and Get Updates

This is quick post to let our customers and friends who visit the website how they can connect with CXtec.  We try to stay pretty active in sharing information on our blog and various social media.

We know people prefer some types of communication and social media more than others.  So, we thought it might be a good idea to let people know in one quick blog post all the ways they can connect, share and get updates from us.

CXtec on Twitter

Our Twitter username is @CXtec.  On Twitter we share thoughts from our website, company news, product information, industry news, community events, and a ton of other fun and interesting observations we think you might enjoy.


CXtec on Facebook 

CXtec's Facebook page mostly covers our company news, events, culture, and career opportunities.  We could be  talking about our people getting involved in community events like The Light The Night Walk or other community events. Maybe we are posting new positions or letting people know about a job fair.  We might even put up some photos of our fun sales contests.  Of course, we are always looking for fun and helpful content that is relevant to you.  So, maybe we'll do even more in the future.



CXtec on Linkedin

Our Linkedin page is straight forward. You get our company profile, and various postings on company news.  If you are the type who checks Linkedin consistently it might be worth it to give us a follow.



CXtec Flickr

We have a lot going on here at CXtec.  So, we get a ton of photos, and we share lots of them on Flickr.   Feel free to check them out.



CXtec on Spiceworks

If you did not know, Spiceworks is an social community online just for people in the IT world.  At this point there are around 2 million IT pros that are in this community.  There are all kinds of discussions and information.  Sure, there are groups for Cisco users and other manufacturers. There are discussion groups about networking, hardware, virtualization, security and so on. . There are groups for specific industries. There are all kinds of groups. There are even groups about music, movies, TV, gaming, cooking and other fun stuff.   CXtec is a Spiceworks partner and are vary active in the community. We are even running a contest for the next few weeks. You really should check it out, join, and follow us.



CXtec on Network World

CXtec's Vice President of the Technology Solutions Group, Frank Kobuszewski, writes blog posts on Network World periodically under a column called Switch It Up. He writes about various topics pertaining to Cisco.  Sometimes it's about specific hardware and other times it's a 30,000 foot view of the Cisco world.



CXtec Blog:

Of course, there is this blog.  If you scan the topics and some of the posts, you will see we talk about a range of things.  We offer observations and ideas that relate to our philosophy on network hardware, IT budgets, end-of-life management,  electronics recycling and disposal, and a bunch of other topics.  We also share thoughts on industry trends and news from time to time.  Plus, we keep people up to date on events and learning opportunities like webinars.  There really is quite a bit on the blog.  You can subscribe to updates on the blog here.

Send Your Suggestions

If you have any suggestions about what you might like to see on any of the above, please let us know.   Just contact us , fill out a quick form and leave your note. It will get to us.  Thanks.  I hope to see you connecting up with us soon.