CXtec: Helping customers exert their independence!

By Dave McCormick, Product Manager

I hope you all enjoyed your Independence Day!

Independence is not something to be taken lightly. I think of independence as the ability to do what you wish, what you feel is best for you, as opposed to what outside forces want you to do.

Working for CXtec, a leading provider in secondary market networking equipment, puts me in a unique position to help customers exert their independence.   

We call it Technology @ Your Pace®.  

Manufacturers typically refresh their product line every 12-24 months and will be happy to tell you why you need to upgrade to their latest offering. The lifespan for network equipment is considerably longer, so why upgrade if you don't have to?

Secondary market networking equipment from a reputable supplier will be high-quality. It will usually have a warranty equal to, or better than, that of the manufacturer. And it often includes pre- and post-sales support.

At CXtec, we refer to our certified pre-owned networking and voice equipment as equal2new®. Check it out!

Next time you need to add a switch, a router, or a phone, take a look at secondary market options from a reputable supplier. 

Chances are it will simplify your buying process AND reduce the cost of your infrastructure.

Assert your independence! You'll be glad you did. 

Visit our equal2new® Defend Your Investment Program to check out how our troops have helped buyers like you!