Cisco Completes Deal for Ubiquisys. What Does This Mean for My Network?

These days, everyone wants a hand in cloud technology. And Cisco has taken a big leap into the cloud market with its latest acquisition, Ubiquisys.

The tech giant recently announced that it has completed the deal to acquire Ubiquisys, a U.K.-based provider of mobile solutions for $310 million in cash and retention-based incentives. It is the latest acquisition for Cisco, who in January purchased self-optimizing network (SON) software provider, Intucell.

Currently, Cisco deals primarily with small-scale wireless equipment on 3G and Wi-Fi networks, as Cisco switches and routers are the company’s bread and butter. But while network hardware equipment is the company’s backbone, Ubiquisys is expected to provide the necessary software that Cisco will need to delve further into the rapidly expanding mobile world. The acquisition is expected to significantly increase Cisco’s network capabilities, and in turn their customer base will grow as a result.

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