Cisco Compatible SFP Modules: Watch the Savings Add Up

Cisco Compatible GLC-SX-MM SFP ModuleCIOs, IT directors, and business executives are challenged with accomplishing more with less. For many, budgets are shrinking. This means reducing unneeded costs and finding new ways to save money. There is a simple way to accomplish this. Use Cisco compatible SFP modules.

If you think that sounds really simple, you are correct. It is. Refreshing, isn’t it?

Seriously, saving money doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes a simple solution is a great solution.

Cisco Compatible SFPs - Quality, Reliability, and Savings

Cisco compatiple SFPs offer all the quality and reliability of the manufacturer-alternative Cisco SFPs, but at a fraction of the price. And if you’re a smart cookie, you understand the power of percentages.

Some people point out that even saving big on an SFP module doesn’t amount to a huge sum of money.

Well, let’s take a look at a real-life example from one of our customers and see how it plays out. Below represents purchases of Cisco compatible SFP module GLC-SX-MM.

Real Customer Purchasing Cisco Compatible GLC-SX-MM

(3 yr timeframe )

Total Units


Savings / Unit

$125 (conservative estimate)

Total Savings











This number is substantial. So here are the obvious questions.

Why would you pass up savings like this?

What could you do with an extra $31,750?

Stop over-thinking it. Stop thinking that reduced costs can only come through complex strategies.

If you get everything you need with Cisco compatible SFPs, then why pay more?

A simple 3-step process to help you save big with Cisco compatible SFP modules:

  1. Use high-quality Cisco compatible SFPs.

  2. Save a big % of money compared to manufacturer alternatives.

  3. Watch money add up over time.

There probably should be a Step 4.

This step would be to put the money you save toward more mission-critical applications.

Doing more with less is about making the little things count. While saving some money by switching to Cisco compatible SFPs isn’t earth-shattering, it means something.

Little strokes fell great oaks.

This saying is true. It’s the kind of common sense and good judgment that will allow your IT department to achieve more with less.