Product Spotlight: Cisco Catalyst 6509-E Switch

This product spotlight will take a brief look at the Cisco Catalyst 6509 Switch.

Cisco 6509 switches have been around for some time and have been both a popular choice and a top performer. A closer look reveals a number of reasons why.

Cisco Catalyst 6509-E Switch: Product Facts

  • The Cisco Catalyst 6509 is a 9-slot chassis switch.
  • Provides high port densities
  • Supports needs of wiring closets to core network and data center deployments
  • Supports both Cisco OS and IOS software
  • Supports 6000W power supply allowing use of large numbers of Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices

Cisco Catalyst 6509-E Switch: Product Features

The Cisco 6509-E switch supports all Cisco 6500 Series modules, including:

  • Supervisor engines
  • Fast Ethernet modules (with IEEE 802.3af PoE)
  • Gigabit Ethernet modules (with IEEE 802.3af PoE)
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet modules
  • Flex WAN modules
  • Shared Port Adaptors/SPA Interface Processors
  • Multi-Gigabit services modules (content services ,firewall, intrusion detection, IP Security [IPSec], VPN, network analysis, and Secure Sockets Layer [SSL] acceleration)

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Cisco Catalyst 6509-E Switch: Some Useful Benefits


Enables users to create a switching solution unique to their networks' specific requirements.


Need greater speed? Experiencing company growth? Implementing something new that requires more network resources? The 6509-E allows you to create a custom switching solution and also allows you to adapt to changes.


Sometimes you just need a lot of power - with the 6509-E you can get it.


Customization + Flexibility + Power = Scalability

Long Product Life

All of the benefits above give you the option to extend the product life cycles of your network. This is a smart way to get high performance while being wise about your costs.

Cisco Catalyst 6509 Switch – Useful Links

If you are interested in purchasing a Cisco 6509-E switch please feel free to drop us a line, we have dedicated Cisco experts that can help answer your questions.

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