Cisco 1850 Access Points and You

By: Nathan Hock  |  CXtec Product Engineer

Cisco recently introduced the 1850 access point (AP). This is the first native 802.11ac Wave 2 device Cisco has released. So what's the big deal?


Wave 2 brings with it increased speed and stability. This AP can reach speeds up to 1.7 GB! In addition, it finally introduces multi-user MIMO. That means the AP can communicate with multiple end points simultaneously. Previously it could only communicate with one at a time. What? Like you could do better?

You are probably thinking, “But doesn't that create a bottleneck on the AP?”

No bottleneck!

Actually it doesn’t. This AP comes with two Gigabit Ethernet ports. Not one, not three (Although that would be cool!), but two. You can create an aggregate link to have the bandwidth ready for the close to 2 GB speeds you are hoping to achieve.

What are the requirements?

Requirements? Well, this baby will run on any of the current Cisco controllers. However, this sucker is electrical so you will need a nuclear reaction to generate the 1.7 gigabits... just kidding. You will just need software release 8.1 MR1 or better.

Where does this guy fit in the scheme of things? Cisco sees it wedged between the 1700 and 2700 APs for use in small- to medium-sized networks. I’m sure we can expect the larger caliber Wave 2 APs later in the year.

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