Choosing Your Cisco Catalyst Switch the Easy Way

You know how complicated choosing the right Cisco Catalyst switch for your networking needs can be. There are, quite literally, infinite possibilities for what switches you can get, how you can configure them, and what functionalities you want them running. It’s enough to boggle the mind.

At CXtec, we talk to IT professionals all the time about how to get the ideal Cisco switches working for their unique needs. One thing we learned is that a lot of folks just want an easy guide to help get them moving and thinking in the right direction. So, we created one!

Cisco Catalyst Switch Selection Guide - A Simple, Helpful Tool

We took a look at all the Cisco Catalyst switches out there, both current and legacy, and tried to break them down into a simple, easy-to-navigate guide. We focused specifically on putting the fixed port series into categories based on fairly universal networking needs.

The guide filters each series down based on Gig or Fast Ethernet, Standalone or Stackable, Layer 2 or Layer 3, and PoE or Non-PoE. So it allows you to drive down through each category to find the series, and then the actual switch, you’ll require for your networking needs.

Just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean it’s easy.

When we set out to create this simple guide, we realized how complicated even a simple search for a Catalyst switch can get. So as you filter your search down according to your needs, you may actually find more questions coming to mind than you had when you first began!

Do not worry. We had the very same questions ourselves. That’s why we created a larger Cisco Catalyst Support Program to better answer all those specific questions that may come up. This Support Program provides more information about each switch series, including modular switches, and further simplifies your Catalyst switch decision-making process.

Please keep in mind when using the Switch Selector Guide, and researching the Support Program, that it’s almost impossible to include all the information about every switch in every series. So our specialists are always here to answer any specific questions you might have. Together we can find the right Cisco Catalyst switch for you, so you make the right decision for your business needs and budget. Call us anytime at 800.767.3282 to learn more.


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