Product Spotlight: CABLExpress H+ Enclosures

Last month, CABLExpress introduced its new product, the H+ Enclosure.   That’s good news for IT and data center professionals.  Let’s take a look at why.

H+ Fiber Cable Enclosures

What are H+ fiber cable enclosures?

H+ fiber cable enclosures from CABLExpress are a fantastic tool for people looking to design and manage cabling infrastructure in the data center.   These new fiber enclosures provide several options that will help increase performance and make your life easier.

They come in 1u, 2u, and 4u configuration options.  What’s more is that you can get 72, 144, or 288 duplex LC ports depending on which option you choose.

The ease of use and manageability is top notch.  This comes from a well thought out design and product features including an individual sliding tray and slide out modules for easy access to ports, cable management trough, side tie-down areas, angled cable management brackets, and removable back and lid.


What makes these fiber cable enclosures special?

Highest Port Density

The great thing about H+ enclosures is that it provides the highest port density for fiber cabling currently offered in the market.  That means big space savings.  That is a huge deal.  People know very well how valuable extra space in the data center can be.

Usability and Manageability

The product design and features simple provides a high degree of usability and enables seamless transition when migrating to higher speeds.





If you would like to learn more about how CABLExpress H+ Enclosures can help you, you can go to the H+ fiber cable enclosures page on