Cable Connector Guide Is A Simple, Helpful Tool

MTP fiber cable connectorSometimes people just want a quick, simple tool to help them out.  They need an answer or have to find some information, and they don't want to spend lots of time and energy to get it.

Good news for IT professionals and cable geeks.

We have a cable connector guide that is a super reference tool.

What is it? What does it do?

The cable connector guide is a list of cable connectors neatly and logically organized into categories - fiber connectors, port connectors, firewire connectors, legacy connectors, and USB connectors.

Just click on a connector.  When you click a detailed image of the connector appears with a concise description of the connector.   It's that easy.

It's a useful tool for newbies to the cabling world and experienced IT pros alike.  Let's face it. Even the brightest among us would be tired out if they tried to carry around every small piece of information in their noggin.

So, bookmark this little gem.

When you need it, you'll have your answers at the ready.

Cable Connector Guide