Building the Perfect Maintenance Monster

In the Halloween season, we’re reminded of history’s great ghouls, goblins and monsters. And with the way our minds work here at CXtec, we then think of how these monsters would look in the technology world.

In that spirit (pun intended), we’d like to weave a tale for you so horrifying, so absolutely scarrific, that you won’t sleep for weeks!

Ok, it won’t be that scary, but it does involve Frankenstein’s monster. And how cool is he?

Really cool. Frankenstein’s monster is really cool.

It’s alive!

So you’ve successfully built a technology infrastructure worth protecting and maintaining. Congratulations! But whether you spared no expense, or carefully budgeted and did your due diligence while building your network, the idea that someone wants you to invest more money into your technology infrastructure seems a bit mad.

Mad like a mad scientist! Mwa ha ha ha ha haaaa!

Many organizations’ budgets are squeezed so tightly that they are foregoing support contracts altogether – a frightening proposition. Unlike the ultimate mad scientist, Victor Frankenstein, who neglected the repercussions of not protecting his prized investment, you can control your fate.

There are alternative hardware support solutions provided by vendors (independent of the OEM) that can save you significant operating expense (OPEX) budget and still provide the support you need to keep your technology from turning into a monstrous catastrophe. 

While that may seem like a huge burden right now, it's imperative to keeping your investment alive and well as long as possible. What could be more important than defending your investment from downtime, attacks, and outdated software? Maintaining your network is just as important as the network itself. The best defense is not a single solution, but many working together. This is what we call a hybrid support solution.

Just add a little electricity!

One way to think about a hybrid support strategy is like the Frankenstein monster of maintenance (in a good way!). An arm from here, a leg from there, and all you need is that spark to bring your unstoppable technology to life.

A well-designed hybrid support strategy allows you to choose which options provide the best coverage for your technology infrastructure, while making the most of your OPEX budget. At CXtec, we’re huge advocates of the hybrid support model. In fact, we were recently included in Gartner’s third-party maintenance (TPM) competitive analysis report.

The possibilities for your organization are endless! It’s all based on what your needs are, and should always be designed with your budget in mind. Partnering with a company that understands your unique needs and knows what your system will be facing today and in the future is essential to your success. One of the most popular options today for extending technology budgets is leveraging maintenance support from a third party.

Interested in learning more? Download our white paper, The Value of a Hybrid Support Strategy.

Third-party maintenance

Using the manufacturers’ maintenance system can allow you to receive every feature and protection policy under the sun (along with a nice price tag to go with it. But at a certain point you must ask, do I actually need all of that right now? Why pay for things that you will not use, or simply do not need?

At this point, a third-party offering can make perfect sense. Third-party maintenance is a service that offers hardware support solutions provided by vendors independent of the OEM. TPM is essential in a hybrid support strategy – which uses a mix of OEM support, TPM and sparing  where each is appropriate. Implementing a reliable TPM program that costs up to 50-60% less than what you’d pay for OEM maintenance allows you to extend your budget to other areas where your business may need it.

Get the attention you need

The advantage of working with a third-party maintenance provider is that you get individualized attention and a hybrid support model that is customized to your needs. You can pick and choose what you want to maintain your infrastructure and at your business pace.

With a TPM provider’s quick attention to your needs, you can accelerate the time spent repairing your issues. Faster problem resolution and less time waiting on-hold for a representative helps increase productivity for you and your team. Everybody wins. And incorporating a spares model is another economically viable option to plan ahead. It’s as easy as finding a reliable used networking hardware vendor to provide hot, swappable spares at a moment’s notice.

Take the scary out of your hardware support

Just like mad Dr. Frankenstein, you too can build a monster! But yours will be a hybrid support strategy capable of extending the life and maximizing the reliability of your technology investment. Not so scary now is it?

You can greatly reduce your operational expenses. The hybrid support approach is all about looking at your individual circumstances and finding the right fit for your technology. A mix of OEM, TPM, and spares could be the most cost-effective solution for your organization.

Technology can be a monstrous blessing or a curse. There is so much potential for good and also harm, which is why it is so important to understand the implications of these investments and how to properly protect and maintain them.

A well-maintained and supported technology infrastructure is a dream come true. But downtime – now that’s a real nightmare…

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