Are you embracing BYOD?

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Frank Kobuszewski, vice president of Technology Solutions Group here at CXtec, writes a blog post for Network World's Cisco Subnet community. His latest topic: BYOD.

BYOD ("Bring Your Own Device" for those of you living under a rock) is one of the latest IT buzzwords floating around forums and IT publications. But more than just content fodder, the term also represents very real consequences on the way organizations manage security, end-user policy, access and a host of other issues.

The concept, referring to the use of personal devices such as tablets and smartphones for workplace functions, elicits a certain degree of emotion from IT professionals. Those quick to embrace the trend understand both the complexities BYOD presents, but also the opportunities. A challenge for IT, yes, but worth it for the possibility of increased productivity, efficiency and flexibility. IT professionals weary of, or perhaps flat out against, BYOD are largely concerned with the security risks. There are also questions of resources: how much time should an IT department spend configuring, troubleshooting and training on how to use personal devices for work purposes?

We've seen viewpoints arguing both sides in Frank's post - take a look and chime in for yourself.