Are Lead Times Important to You? Read This.

stop watch lead timesThere are a lot of reasons to use quality pre-owned network hardware.  Among them is the clear cost benefit.

One benefit of using pre-owned network that is often overlooked is lead times.  It's been something we have been hearing for a long time.  Customers looking for popular network hardware like Cisco routers and switches have shared their concerns about lead times.

It professionals have projects and deadlines to meet.  They simply do not want wait weeks and months  to wait on a manufacturer lead time for equipment they need.

Fortunately for IT pros who are faced with project deadlines, they have options.    When people can't wait for long lead times, they can turn to established, reputable vendors of pre-owned network hardware for quick lead times for the network hardware they need.

The bonus is that quality pre-owned network hardware vendors have proved without a shadow of a doubt that they can provide network hardware that performs as reliably as new.

It's important for IT professionals to know that when you have projects and need to hit deadlines,   you have options.

You can confidently use quality pre-owned network hardware on your projects.  With huge discounts, great warranty and options for inexpensive NBD hardware replacement, you have a quality solution to your problems.

So, the next time you simply can't wait for long lead times, the answer may be a pre-owned network hardware provider.


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