A Cisco Switch to Step Up the Ethernet Game

While Cisco hasn’t made any official announcement on the matter yet, it is widely rumored that they have another Nexus Ethernet switch coming soon. The news came recently in a Network World article.

The new Cisco switch will be the Nexus 3500, and it is purported to feature ultra-low latency to rival InfiniBand.

Cisco switches to lead the way again?

Sources have said that the Nexus 3500 “will feature 250 nanosecond port-to-port latency and integrated network address translation.” This could “give InfiniBand a run for the money, especially when combined with a new NIC from Cisco called usNIC.”

We at CXtec were excited to read this news. It’s good to see that there is a commitment to develop Cisco switches to a point where Ethernet can provide a solution to rival InfiniBand. It offers consumers a broader range of choices for their network infrastructures, and the competition provides better quality and better prices for any solution they choose.

The Cisco switch that keeps Ethernet on the map

The Network World article quotes Gilad Shainer, Mellanox Vice President of Market Development, who touts the positives of InfiniBand. “Ethernet does not provide better performance, scalability and or cost compared to InfiniBand,” says Shainer. “I'd also like to note that latency is not the entire story here,” Shainer continues. “The value of InfiniBand is also in its bandwidth, RDMA, lowest CPU overhead and the unlimited scalability.”

These are all fair points for now, but with Cisco stepping up its Ethernet switching capability, it’s easy to envision a time when their portfolio could keep pace with InfiniBand. And that would be a positive for all consumers, regardless of their technology infrastructures.

Cisco switch solutions for the rest of us

So as Cisco pushes its latency speeds further and further to rival InfiniBand, where are the users left who have networks they’ve maintained for years that don’t require exponentially larger throughput and data rate speeds.

That’s where resellers like CXtec come in. You can get all the Cisco switches you still rely on at discounted prices. Whatever Cisco Catalyst switch, or even earlier Cisco Nexus switches, you are running can be acquired to keep your current infrastructure running for years to come.

It becomes the best of both worlds. Those users who want/need to step up their networks to higher speeds will have another option with the Nexus 3500. Those who would prefer to maintain their current Cisco switch infrastructure have the option of working with reliable vendors to keep it going at a reduced price. Everyone wins!