99.51%+ Network Hardware Reliability: How It Happens

We achieve a 99.51% out-of-the-box reliability rating on all our equal2new networking and voice products. This percentage is superior to the failure rate of new hardware directly from the manufacturers.

Because of that fact, we’re often asked how we’re able to achieve such a high reliability rating. There are a number of contributing factors, but the overriding philosophy is this: Never take shortcuts to quality and take pride in everything you do.

We utilize the most stringent certification process in the business, with in-depth diagnostic testing and thorough refurbishing procedures. Here are some more contributing factors to our industry-leading reliability rating:

Our facility is protected from electrostatic discharge

Electrostatic discharge (or ESD) is the tiny spark of electricity that happens when two surfaces come together and separate. We’ve all experienced ESD when we walk across a carpet and touch something, thereby getting a shock.

Those little shocks may seem innocuous but they can significantly damage the sensitive technical components in networking hardware. And the dangers of ESD are all around.

That’s why we’ve taken exhaustive measures to ensure that none of our equal2new hardware is handled in a manner in which ESD could damage it. From the moment we receive it, every product is protected using numerous measures. Because of this, we’re confident our equipment will work every time for our customers.


Our quality management system is ISO 9001:2008 certified

The ISO organization is the international standard for quality. We made the choice to implement a quality management system that is certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards because we knew it would lead to a higher satisfaction rate for our customers.

The process isn’t easy. We’re audited yearly to ensure every step we take in our certification continues to meet the lofty standards put forth for us. It requires repetition in every procedure, ensuring each task is performed the same way, and the right way, every time.

This repeatability leads to superior overall quality in equal2new products. And that leads to higher reliability for our customers.



Rigorous testing means no question marks

How do we know equal2new equipment will work right out of the box? Quite simply, because we test it exhaustively. With data hardware, each unit passes its Power On Self Test (POST), has up-to-date DRAM and Flash memory, working fans, all ports passing traffic, and is cleared and reset to factory defaults.

With phones, we replace components and test every function on every phone to make sure each is working perfectly. No item leaves our doors without us knowing it in perfect working order.



We get it to you safely

All the testing and refurbishing procedures in the world become meaning if you can’t package and deliver your equipment safely to your customers. We understand this and go to every length to put our equipment in our customers’ hands securely.

Every networking device is packaged using foam-in-place technology, a process where a liquid foam forms around the unit and hardens into a soft cushion that protects the technology. Every phone is packaged in its own box and held securely in place by an elastomeric film that keeps it jostle-free during shipping.



The result?

Add our “no shortcuts to quality” philosophy in with our exhaustive testing and refurbishing measures and the result is equipment you can count. Our customers know that there’s a 99.51% reliability rating backing the products they get from us.