5 Questions You Should Ask About the Vendor You Sell Your Networking Hardware To

We’ve been explaining how knowing your source for networking hardware can provide added value, ease, assurance, ability, and stability, but there’s a subject we haven’t really touched on yet.

Of course it just makes perfect sense to know your source when you’re buying networking hardware from them, but have you considered that you should also know who you’re selling your used equipment to? You should. Here are five questions you should be asking.

1. Do they give you fair market value?

Hey, the first thing you’ll want to know will definitely be how much you can get! The most important factor when selling your used hardware will be getting the maximum return on your investment. It’s imperative that you do business with a vendor that knows the fair market value of your technology and makes you a legitimate offer. There’s no sense wasting your time with a partner that’s trying to bilk you. It costs you money in the long run. So have a good idea of the value of your equipment, and negotiate a decent deal that works for both parties.

2. Will you get paid?

The question that should follow closely behind how much you can get should definitely be if you’ll actually get paid in full. Yes, there are definitely the kind of disreputable vendors out there who will take your equipment, resell it at a profit, and then not pay you (or pay you a fraction of what was agreed upon). You can’t let that happen. Check out how much experience they have. How long have they been in business?

3. Are they reputable enough to belong to industry organizations?

It would help you be confident that you’ll get paid if you knew just how reputable they are. But how do you know? Well, are they a member of certain industry organizations? For example, CXtec is a member in good standing of UNEDA (United Network Equipment Dealers Association) and AscdiNatd (Association of Service and Computer Dealers International and the North American Association of Telecommunications Dealers). This speaks to our commitment to doing business the right way. Look for membership in these kinds of organizations from your vendor.

4. Do they erase your sensitive info?

Your equipment probably contains sensitive, proprietary information. You still have liability even after your equipment has left your hands. With this in mind, it’s crucial that you ensure that your private info will be erased. Your equipment should undergo a full data cleansing and be returned to factory defaults. This is standard practice for us at CXtec. Look for nothing less than this level of protection from any vendor you choose to work with. Check out some more info about the risk of security breaches here.

5. How long have they been in business?

Another pretty reliable way to know who you’re dealing with is to inquire about how long they've been in business. Using ourselves as an example, CXtec has been in business for nearly 40 years. That kind of experience is a sign that we are reputable and we truly understand how to maximize value for you. We've gotten this far by forging mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. You should expect nothing less from your technology partner.

These are the kinds of expectations you should have from your partner. Your budget is too precious to worry about squandering much-needed funds on a dealer who won’t come through for you. Look for one with a good reputation and a lot of experience. It’ll pay off in the long run.