5 Big Reasons Sales Professionals Say They Love Working At CXtec

CXtec is a unique company. Ask any customer who has visited our headquarters or toured our certification and distribution center. Each year during customer events, we bring in new people and give them a closer look at our company. They almost always comment on our culture and the quality of our testing and certification facilities. The other thing we hear is how much people like working with their sales representative.

CXtec has a great team of sales representatives that have a reputation in our industry of taking great care of our customers and going above and beyond to help solve their problems.

We recently spoke with a bunch of people from our sales team and asked them what they like about working on the sales team for CXtec.

There was a wide range of answers, but there were some answers that seemed to come up over and over again. We thought we'd share.


5 Big Reasons Sales Professionals Said They Enjoy Working at CXtec



  1. Environment - The reps we spoke with said they liked that the fun environment and the casual dress code combined with the drive of growing our business and taking care of our customers. They like the "work hard/play hard" mentality.

  2. Mentoring and support - Getting help, answers and support from their team and other teams in the company was a big plus for people. Whether it was product engineers, managers or the other teams, sales reps cited this as something they really liked about working here.

  3. Ability to be creative - Each sales rep is different. Their customers are different. Their territories are different. They like that they can approach their work creatively to both help the company and grow professionally.

  4. Celebrating the wins - Sales reps like the recognition of a job well done and celebrating both the small wins and the big ones. They like the energy that comes with it.

  5. Income potential - Last but certainly not least, sales reps said they like the earning potential. They said they know that if they work smart and work hard it will pay off financially.


We have a great team because we have a great group of people.

We look for talented people who would excel in this type of culture. If this sounds appealing to you, give us a shout.


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