3 Ways to Get Top-Notch Technology at Community College Prices

3 Ways to Get Top-Notch Technology at Community College Prices

Statistics indicate that nearly 50% of the undergrad population now goes to community colleges. Check out these numbers. This is a great trend for the colleges, but it also leads to some challenges. Most community colleges have budgets that are stretched thin. IT pros that work in these institutions are often tasked with attaining quality technology at low costs.

This isn’t an easy endeavor. Getting more technology for less requires getting creative with your vendor and by thinking a bit outside the box. But for the shrewd IT pro, it is possible to stretch your technology budget and achieve your networking goals for less. Here are five smart ways you can do just that:

1. Consider the benefits of buying refurbished networking equipment and phones

There is still a stigma out there that used networking hardware is somehow a gamble or a risk, and new is considered the wise choice. But in our decades of doing business, we at CXtec have observed that this simply isn’t the case.

Our own brand of refurbished hardware, equal2new®, is backed by a lifetime warranty and a 99.51% reliability rating. It’s literally equal to, or better than, new.

And it’s priced up to 90% off list which means it allows customers to get much more out of their budgets than they could with new. Community colleges could realize significant savings, and still get quality hardware, if they choose to go with refurbished networking equipment and phones.

2. Get top value for your own used network hardware

Most IT pros know that the networking hardware they’re using still has worth to them. But it’s imperative to get fair market worth for the equipment you’ve already invested in. That’s the only way to achieve the maximum return on your investment and stretch your budget as far as you can.

Your vendor should pay top dollar for your used hardware, offering cash, credit or trade in return. If you’re not getting fair market value, don’t sell yourself short. Look for the vendor that maximizes your ROI.

3. Get maintenance from someone other than the OEM – Original manufacturer maintenance programs are expensive. There are times when a replacement program is necessary, especially for hardware at the core of your network, but why be handcuffed to the OEM’s expensive plan?

There are vendors who offer their own maintenance programs for a fraction of the cost of the manufacturer’s plan. CXtec’s own program, RapidCare®, costs as much as 50% less than some OEM plans. That’s money that stays in your budget, and allows you to invest it where you see fit.

Time to get creative

With your technology savvy student population increasing, but your funding getting smaller, now more than ever it’s imperative to have a technology partner that can meet your needs but keep you on budget.

Students want to go to schools that emphasize BYOD, have wireless systems in place, and have dynamic technology infrastructures.

If you get creative, you can work with a refurbished networking hardware vendor to accomplish these goals, and give your college a competitive edge in attracting students.