3 Reasons to Buy a Used Cisco Router


When you hear the name Cisco, chances are the first words that come to mind for some are reliable networking and performance.  IT professionals have grown to know and use Cisco equipment based on the company’s reliability and track record in the IT and networking space. However, let’s be honest, not every company, especially SMBs can afford to buy brand new, out of the box equipment. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t purchase used Cisco routers or switches. Here are three reasons why buying used Cisco will benefit you.


Used Cisco Routers Are An Inexpensive Option.

It’s a no-brainer that by forgoing the purchase of brand new higher priced routers and choosing quality used Cisco routers, you will immediately save money, but that’s not where the cost savings stop.  Most distributors of used equipment back up their pre-owned equipment with certification mandates to prove it’s not just reused but also refurbished as well as warranties to ensure in the event something does go wrong, you’re covered.


Used Cisco Routers Are Just as Reliable as a New Cisco Routers.

Cisco has gained its popular reputation in the IT industry for good reason. Cisco’s products have to pass a number of quality checks before they are ready for mass production,  Even if a Cisco router is pre-owned, you can guarantee that due to the strict assessments it has to undergo, it will still be just as effective and luckily most used Cisco providers offer some sort of warranty just in case. And by utilizing a distributor who is just as efficient in their refurbishing process you can expect the best quality used product possible.


Lessen Your Need for Training.

If you are already familiar with using particular Cisco routers or other equipment, that’s half the battle. Not having to pay for additional training to learn how to navigate a different brand device as well as the time saved in productivity that would be lost for training purposes will help to save additional costs down the line as well.  The less money you spend on equipment, the more you can spend on areas of your business that are more in need of your funds.


Interested in learning more about Cisco routers? Check out this tec Tips tutorial video where Jim, our senior product engineer describes the various interfaces and modules for Cisco routers. He includes a helpful guide to a document that helps you figure out the acceptable modules for your router.

Watch the entire video here.