3 More Reasons Why Buying Used Network Hardware is a Smart Choice

Still not convinced on used hardware being a smart choice?  Well, we are going to continue providing reasons you should be.

Here are 3 more reasons you should be buying used network hardware


Used Network Hardware  =  Reduce Maintenance Costs

Forget the cost of purchasing the equipment for a second, on average, about how much are you spending just to maintain it? When you turn to an equipment manufacturer or distributor, don’t you expect them to provide you with a full service solution and do the work for you? Most providers of used equipment offer warranties so rather than going out and buying new equipment or enlisting in a third party to come fix it, your provider will either repair your used router or switch or swap the product for an alternative device.



Used Network Hardware Supports Your Company’s Go Green Initiative

Whether your system has gone paperless, or you’ve invested in a solar powered roof to keep the electricity bill down, the latest and most efficient way of supporting green efforts for a company is to buy high quality pre-owned equipment. Re-used hardware is the highest form of going green.  Consider how fast technology changes and how each piece of equipment becomes obsolete before it has the chance to acquire a layer of dust on its surface. By re-using network hardware, your company is ultimately lowering the demand for devices and decreasing the amount of equipment they have to produce.



Quality Used Network Hardware Products are Guaranteed... and Then Some

When researching any product or service, it’s always reassuring to know that you are completely covered with a reliable warranty plan. To understand the process of refurbished equipment, you have to first understand the stringent process and requirements each piece of used network hardware must first endure to become certified as usable. Some might say that used equipment has to go through the ringer even more to prove its efficiency to go back out into the market.