3 Big Takeaways From the 2013 NY Tech Summit

Hundreds of IT professionals made their way to Verona, N.Y., a few weeks ago for the 2013 NY Tech Summit. After two days filled with a keynote address, a panel discussions, networking, interacting with exhibitors, round table discussions, and classroom sessions about everything from Architecting the VDI Profile to a Road Map for Successful Virtualization to How To Extend the Life of Your Data Center, one message rang loud and clear; the summit was the place to be for technology experts.

So what were the IT Professionals Talking About?

With so much to take in and some unable to make it to this year’s event, here’s a look at 3 big takeaways from the summit:

The Focus is On Convergence and Optimization

With so many buzz words constantly floating around the tech sector, it can sometimes be hard to figure out where we are with technology. After all, is 2013 the year of the cloud? Or is it the year of UCaaS? Ask three industry experts and you will probably get three different answers. But at NY Tech Summit, it was clear that 2013 is going to be the year of convergence and optimization. The IT world is currently experiencing a massive convergence of technologies; virtualization, the cloud, UC and mobility might be separate areas of study, but all of these concepts are merging into one smart workspace.  In years prior, IT professionals were starting to embrace these trends and technologies.  Now experts are focused on how to optimize them and make them easily accessible to the public so that their true benefits can be utilized on a daily basis.


Roundtable Discussions Were Highly Valuable to Participants

The summit is a great place to learn, but it’s also a great event to come to with a stack of business cards. And this year’s roundtable discussions were the perfect place for networking and brainstorming. Moderated by various company leaders, these discussions offered intimate settings where ideas could be shared and discussed. This year’s topics ranged from social and internet topics to security to the data center to virtualization to mobile device management. With 12 to 20 people per table, the discussions were top of mind for many at this year’s convention.  These discussions were so productive in some cases that you saw the attendees sticking together in discussion groups, spilling into the hallways to continue the discussion.  The feedback from round table discussion participants is that it is highly valuable to speak about these topics with their peers and get real world knowledge and recommendations.



Innovation Is Imperative to IT

The message behind keynote speaker Terry Jones’s speech was that IT executives must never stop innovating. Leaders must constantly look for new ideas, and it is important to remember that ideas can come from any point on the company ladder. By breaking through the seemingly impenetrable wall of middle management, good ideas can come from the bottom up. Keeping a sharp eye out for new ways of looking at old ideas will be what separates the leaders from the followers in IT in the coming months and years.

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