2013 New York Technology Summit: Some Things You Missed in the Classroom Sessions

For an industry built on electronic communications, taking time to get together and share ideas in an intimate, face-to-face setting from time to time is VERY important. So on June 20-21, IT leaders gathered in Verona, N.Y., for the NY Tech Summit for two days of brainstorming, networking, and comprehensive educational IT training on everything from VoIP phones to SAN fiber to network security.

In case you were unable to attend this year’s summit, here is a recap of what was discussed in some of the classroom training sessions:

Technology End of Life: Hard Drive Security

Do you ever dream about taking a sledge hammer, shotgun or open flame to your hard drive when it has reached the end of its life? In an eye opening presentation on proper data destruction, RCR&R Vice President Charles McKernan spoke of the hazards of using un-orthodox methods to destroy electronic information.

As McKernan explained, the risks associated with improperly destroying electronic information can completely tarnish the reputation of a company—and it can cause major financial damage. And the following recent examples are proof:


  • CVS: fined $2,250,000

  • A Michigan hospital: fined $1,000,000

  • A Texas hospital: fined $990,000


Using a licensed, qualified National Association of Information Destruction certified organization is the recommended means for destroying your data when it has reached the end of its life. Doing so will ensure that you comply with both state and federal laws—and it will keep private information out of the hands of those who are not authorized to receive it.



The Future of VDI and BYOD

It was a packed room for Dell Engineer Tim Cronin’s session about virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and the bring your own device (BYOD) movement, as participants got to hear about the separation of the desktop from the physical device and the increasing influence of BYOD. “The real future for BYOD is sitting at home on my couch—my two girls who are sitting with their iPhones and doing everything with them,” Cronin said, eliciting laughter. “My oldest daughter hasn’t even taken her computer out!”

The VDI and BYOD movement are upon us, mostly because of the chief benefits they afford. Desktop virtualization, for example, simplifies IT management—reducing costs, allowing for instantaneous updates, protecting and securing data and presenting users with increased flexibility. Accordingly, desktop virtualization has become the third highest priority for companies. Moreover, 48 percent of smartphones used at work are chosen without regard of IT support and 40 percent of organizations already support or plan to support employee-owned devices.

“You have to leverage this balancing act,” Cronin said. “You have user mobility which battles security and control so when exciting new devices come out, that’s where heads are going to butt. Mobile device management is the next big thing.”



There is Hope: How to Extend the Life of Your Data Center

Robert Half Global Data Center Operations Manager John Markley presented on extending the life of your company’s data center. While Robert Half is not a technology corporation, it does have the same IT needs as any other organization. And as the company continued to grow, its legacy data center, which was constructed in the early 1990’s, needed to as well. But the company did not have the financial capabilities of constructing a new facility.

As a solution to this problem, Markley explained that the company got creative, transforming the data center into a modern facility capable of supporting IT needs for years to come and, as a result, removing the need to shop for a new location. And by doing so, the organization was able to maintain its hardware at 10 percent of the cost that it would have taken to build a new one.


This is just a small sampling of the kinds of great knowledge and information available at the breakout sessions of NY Tech Summit.   If you want more information about this event or are interested in attending it in the future, please go to the NY Tech Summit website.