equal2new NORTEL M2008 BASIC BLACK

NT2K08GA03 NORTEL M2008 NORTEL M2008 BASIC BLACK 224346 equal2new

Product Details

equal2new NORTEL M2008 BASIC BLACK

Mfr. Part Number NT2K08GA03


The M2008 Telephone is a standard multi-line business phone that is appropriate for any size business. Utilize with your Option 11C and SL1 Nortel PBX system. The M2008 and M2008HF telephones are designed for professionals, technical specialists and other office staff who rely on the telephone as a constant business tool. 8 Programmable keys provide easy access to single or multiple lines along with a road range of time saving features. The M2008HF includes a high quality built in speakerphone for hands free operation. Features include: * Multi-line Telephone * Built In Hands free (2008HF) * 8 Programmable Buttons * Comes Optionally With A Display

  • Manufacturer: NORTEL
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  • Mfr. Part #:NT2K08GA03

Manufacturer Specs

Product Description : Nortel Meridian M2008 - digital phone

Product Type : Digital phone

Body Color : Black

Multiline Operation Capability : Multi-line operation

Compatible Platforms : Meridian SL-100, Meridian 1

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