Keep up with today's evolving customer

Your first priority is to provide goods and services that meet the evolving needs of today’s consumers - whether you’re in retail, manufacturing, or any other consumer-driven business.

This is not an easy task. Without technology, it simply isn’t possible anymore.

How do you provide an always-on, customer-centric presence and still maintain profitability and that competitive edge you need to succeed? It’s simple. You find creative ways to extend your budget and the life cycle of your technology infrastructure. Wait, that’s not simple at all!

Actually, with CXtec it is.

CXtec can help:


Our Technology @ Your Pace® philosophy puts you in complete control. You decide what works best for your omnipresent technology infrastructure - what to implement, when to upgrade, and when to maintain your current investment.

Simplify the buying process, reduce the cost of your infrastructure, and ensure you get the quality your organization needs to succeed with CXtec.

Save budget money with pre-owned networking and voice equipment

How much budget money would you save if you had quality pre-owned hardware you knew you could rely on? You would save a lot. And the good news is CXtec has the ideal solution.

Our equal2new® brand of certified pre-owned networking and voice equipment is rigorously tested to ensure it works for you every time. In fact, it yields a 99.51% reliability rating.

To top it off, we back it with a lifetime warranty as a standard business practice.

All that and it’s priced up to 90% off list. That’s all the brands you trust – Cisco, Avaya, HP, Nortel, Mitel, ShoreTel and so many more – ready to save you critical budget money and deliver quality and peace of mind. We’re positive that equal2new can provide the solution you need to maximize your investment and allow your technology to drive organizational success.

Maximize efficiency with high-performance data center cabling

Your e-commerce presence relies on the ability to process huge amounts of data, which entails big hardware expenditures. But every hardware investment is only as good as the layer one cabling that connects it. You need network cabling that’s capable of providing the speed and quality you need to keep your data moving uninterrupted.

CXtec’s CABLExpress® division has manufactured high-performance cabling and data center infrastructure products and structured cabling solutions for more than three decades.

Whether you need patch cables or fiber jumpers for simple day-to-day operations, or a structured cabling solution to deliver better performance, we’re ready to assist.

CXtec can help you maximize business value and prepare your layer one infrastructure for future generations of upgrades with CABLExpress high-performance data center cabling infrastructure products.

Extend your budget while improving the environment

Your surplus gear has value - it’s time to get a return on that investment. CXtec’s asset recovery program allows you to extend your budget by selling us your surplus and decommissioned networking hardware, phones and more. And the best part is – we make it easy for you.

We’ll inventory your extra equipment and offer the best value for it. Then we’ll cover the shipping logistics by providing pre-paid shipping labels with every trade-in.

Get the maximum value for your hardware, stretch your technology budget as far as possible, and meet your recycling initiatives.

Returning your surplus gear into active use reduces your carbon footprint and allows your organization to go green. It’s a boost for your budget and the environment!

Replacement can be costly – why pay more?

OEMs don’t typically have options for you when it comes to support. Do you really need to back every piece of hardware you own with the manufacturer’s costly support offering? Wouldn’t it be nice to have options?

We have options for you! RapidCare®, our third-party maintenance (TPM) program, provides guaranteed next-business-day advance hardware replacement at a fraction of the cost of traditional OEM support.

By blending RapidCare, OEM support, your equipment’s warranty, and a spares program you can get the ideal solution for your needs.

A hybrid support solution is just what your organization needs to lower operating expenses, right-size your coverage, and get the perfect protection for your technology and your budget.