Our CABLExpress division manufactures high-performance cabling, data center infrastructure products, and structured cabling solutions.

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CABLExpress - network cablesHigh Performance Network Cabling Products and Solutions

CXtec has been in the cabling business for more than 30 years. Our CABLExpress® division manufactures high-performance network cables. Find out why we are the choice for IT professionals who value quality. 

We have the solution to bring peace of mind and help you redefine your technology strategy.

Network Cables

Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber Patch Cable, Aqua, MultimodeFrom fiber patch cables to fiber trunk cables to harnesses, We have all of your fiber optic cable needs covered. With a variety of options and choices, you'll get all the performance and quality you'd every want at a price that's just right for your budget.  Make sure you check out CABLExpress premium fiber optic cabling  from their Skinny Trunk line of products. 

Fiber Patch Cables

  • EXP Series Fiber Patch Cables
  • Skinny Trunk® Premium Fiber Patch Cable

Fiber Optic Trunk Cables

Fiber Harnesses

Cat6 Cables/Cat5e Cables

Cat6 Cable in blueWe've got everything you need for copper network cables with top products from CABLExpress.  Our cabling products offer an unbeatable combination of quality, performance and affordability.  Whether you need to refresh your stock of patch cables or you have a list of cables for an upcoming project our team is always happy to help.


  • Cat6 Patch Cables 
  • Cat6 Trunk Cables
  • Reduced Diameter Cat6 Cables
  • Cat5e Cables

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CABLExpress Specialty Product Lines

Skinny-Trunk® Solution

Skinny Trunk Solution - Structure Cabling

The CABLExpress® Skinny-Trunk® Solution is an innovative, high-density fiber optic structured cabling system designed to improve performance and maximize the overall efficiency of your data center.

CABLExpress EXP® Series Cables

EXP Series Network Cables

You want worry-free, high-performing cables that can give you peace of mind knowing that your network will stay up and running with zero downtime. EXP Series fiber jumpers are 100% optically tested and factory terminated for superior performance.

RSD Series Enclosures

Recessed sliding drawer (RSD) enclosures

Our CABLExpress® RSD Series enclosures feature a recessed sliding drawer that allows you to access the fiber inside even when your enclosures are mounted high in your rack. This tilting drawer makes working high in a rack much easier.

Copper Trunking Cables 

Copper trunking cables

Our CABLExpress®copper trunks reduce your installation time and deliver a reliable, easy-to-use solution. Their plug-and-play design eliminates the need for field termination and maximizes your productivity.



Network Cables For The Needs of IT Professionals

Network Cables for the Data Center

In addition to everyday cabling needs, you can find world-class products and solutions for your data center cabling infrastructure. In fact, our CABLExpress division is uniquely qualified to provide just the right solution for your exact business needs and budget.

CABLExpress features a specialized line of products specifically for building an amazing cabling solution for data centers called The Skinny Trunk Solution. Plus, there is also a variety of patch panels and enclosures to align with you needs and make your job easier.

Network Cabling for Your Connectivity Needs

Your networking equipment is an expensive and critical part of your technology infrastructure. Make sure you’re connecting it with the highest quality network cabling to guarantee maximum performance and minimize the risk of downtime. We’re committed to providing industry-leading CABLExpress cabling and data center technologies to help ensure your infrastructure performs at optimal levels.

Performance, Speed, and Manageability

CABLExpress solutions provide the performance, design and manageability you need as you migrate to speeds of 10-, 40- and 100-gigabit and beyond. We provide structured cabling designs for the ever-growing demands of today’s data centers with the Skinny-Trunk® Solution, copper trunks, RSD Series fiber enclosures and EXP Series copper and fiber patch cords.

Put Our Expertise to Work For You

Tap into our team of cabling experts and data center architects to help you get exactly what you need from your cabling.  Our experts work with organizations of all kinds, from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies.  That means you will have a team that has seen just about everything in the field.  Let us put our decades of real world experience to work for you. 

Have a cabling project?

We offer design assistance from our experts so you can get the cabling solution that will do exactly what you want while managing costs and achieving a solid ROI.  

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