Reduce Your Reliance on OEMs

The OEMs have their own cycle of how they want you to do things.

They create new lines of technology, make you buy them, end their support of them, then make you buy the new line. Wash, rinse, repeat. Don't buy the hype.

Want to reduce your reliance on the OEMs? We can help.

Reduce reliance on OEMs - information technology equipment

Your business conditions and needs are unique. 

So why is there a single way OEMs handle hardware and support?

The conventional model goes something like this...

  • Buy new hardware and maintenance services
  • Use that hardware for a few years
  • OEM reduces the level of support for your product over time
  • Get strong encouragement from OEM to buy the latest hardware

What if you don’t need the latest and greatest hardware?

Should you be forced to spend money on hardware you don’t need?

What if your refresh cycle would be better over a longer time?

Should you be forced to pay for reduced levels of support?

Or worse, should you have to go without support for your aging hardware?

Shouldn't you be able to create an optimal hardware and maintenance solution to serve your specific business needs? 

We help IT professionals everyday by creating solutions to serve their organization, not the OEM timeline.

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Here’s How Most Businesses Handle IT Hardware and Maintenance



Most businesses stick with the conventional OEM hardware lifecycle model

The conventional OEM IT hardware lifecycle


Here’s How Businesses Should Be Handling IT Hardware and Maintenance



Break free from convention OEM IT hardware lifecycle model

There is the conventional OEM model and there’s your reality

Put yourself back into the driver’s seat and create the optimal hardware and maintenance solutions for your organization. 

Talk to our our team about how we can help you reduce the reliance on OEMs and create solutions that are just right for you.