Create Custom IT Hardware Solutions

There is no one-size-fits-all technology solution.

Now more than ever, those in charge of building and maintaining technology infrastructures are charged with understanding a multitude of possible solutions.

Using a mix of new OEM and our offerings to customize your ideal solutions

You’re tasked with delivering technology platforms that are competitive advantages for your organization – but also manage to balance often tight budgets.

What if you could simplify this whole process and get just the right fit solutions for you?

CXtec wants to help make that happen.

CXtec is here to help you customize infrastructure solutions with a mix of new and pre-owned equipment.

Extend your budget further, enjoy reliability, and maximize value in your IT hardware investment.

Use hybrid hardware options to get the ideal solution for your needs.

Deliver quality and value in your infrastructure. Read the guide...

Customize infrastructure solutions

Have you gotten stuck in the vicious OEM circle?

You know how it goes.

Every technology manufacturer has an agenda that revolves around:

  1. Creating a line of products
  2. Getting you to invest in them
  3. Offering them for a period of three to four years
  4. Then expiring them and offering a whole new line of products

Just like the diagram at the right.

But it’s time to break out of that cycle – and CXtec can help!

The key to breaking the habit is to consider pre-owned hardware as an option.

With pre-owned gear you can extend your investment’s life cycle longer, and only upgrade when it makes sense for you. Plus, you can save a lot of money in the long run.

Breaking the cycle

See how with pre-owned gear you can extend your investment’s life cycle longer, and only upgrade when it makes sense for you?

And with pre-owned gear, you can save a lot of money in the long run.

Is pre-owned equipment less reliable than new?

We know what you’re thinking:

“You say you’re going to help me, CXtec, but you’re suggesting pre-owned equipment. That’s not as reliable as new. I can’t take that chance.”

Actually, that’s just a myth.

Research shows that new equipment actually has a higher failure rate, and that rate decreases dramatically on hardware that has been in use for a while.

See how the curved line on the graph below shows that most failures occur very early and very late in the life of the hardware?

This graph shows why using a blend of new and pre-owned hardware makes a lot of sense to help you deliver just the right solution for you – and save money doing it.

You have a very long window of reliability with pre-owned equipment. Once equipment passes those initial failures early in its life, it tends to continue working for a long time on average.

You should take advantage of that long window of reliability for pre-owned hardware.

The world’s best brand of pre-owned hardware

With our brand of pre-owned hardware you save budget money without sacrificing quality or peace of mind.

CXtec equal2new® certified pre-owned hardware is backed by a lifetime warranty with advance replacement as long as you own it – at prices up to 70% off list.

You get the server, storage, networking, wireless, and voice technology you need at the highest quality and lowest prices.

It stands for quality and peace of mind

It means more money in your pocket

It keeps the technology at your business pace

It comes standard with a full lifetime warranty

It is technology that's equal to – or better than – new

Hybrid IT hardware solutions can help you maximize value.

CXtec has the expertise to get you the best ROI.


Global Capabilities – Enhanced Flexibility

Fortune 10 Oil and Gas Company

This oil and gas company has a global footprint and a wide-ranging technological platform. They need a partner who can be flexible and has the ability to handle several responsibilities.With such an expansive technology portfolio, they require multiple SLAs. In addition, some of their technology is on oil rigs in remote locations and at sea.
CXtec provides the service levels they require with RapidCare, and we aggregate multiple solutions into one, covering technology in disparate locations on three continents. All their server and storage hardware is covered, multiple SLAs are taken into account, and we also coordinate a unique, custom solution for them as well.
For the remote technology on oil rigs, we provide on-site, hot swappable spares to ensure coverage. And we’ve also set up an agreement for a courier service to handle any other replacements for those locations as the need may arise.
This organization now gets customized service from a dedicated partner and, according to their own calculations, now save $1.8M yearly on their hardware support investments.
TPM can provide global services and still save millions in operating expenses (OPEX).