HPE Servers

Setting the new standard for server performance

CXtec can help set your business up for success with our selection of HPE servers.

CXtec offers equal2new® fully configured HPE server solutions – complete with a lifetime warranty with advance replacement.

Our diverse selection of scalable server solutions are built to adapt and expand with your enterprise.

With security and operation efficiency at the forefront of all HPE design, you can have peace of mind knowing you've built exceptional network support at a great price.

equal2new® Fully Configured Cisco UCS Server Solutions with an Industry Leading Lifetime Warranty

CXtec fully configured server solutions


Sustainable and Secure

You need hardware with the capabilities to sustain current and future storage needs to keep your business running smoothly. HPE's line offers scalable secure data management.


We know your list of needs is long and budgets always run short. That’s why we sell quality equipment that is affordable. Our goal is to help you save money to put towards new initiatives for success.


Looking for something specific? If standard hardware doesn't work for your storage needs it's time to think outside the box. We can create custom configured servers fit to meet your business needs.

ProLiant BL Series

BL460 (Gen9)

The BL460 features significant upgraded versatility and flexibility to optimize business operations and evolve with business needs. Its upgraded design includes new Intel processors, embedded storage control,  and system boot configuration alternatives. These enhancements improve core operations, reduce maintenance and overall performance costs.


BL460 (Gen10)

This latest generation from the BL series is built to accommodate business development with exceptional execution. The BL460 Gen10 has raised the bar with new high-performance processors, improved high-speed memory, and self-management. Along with extended networking bandwidth and fabric and embedded adapters, it also has the capability to automate deployment. These new Gen10 advances can help you save even more time and money.


ProLiant DL Series

DL360 (Gen9)

The Gen9 is an industry-leader for energy efficiency and performance. This adaptable server offers adjustable networking bandwidth, and drive configuration options to provide flexibility for changes in business needs and operations. The Gen9 energy star qualified server has improved ambient temperature standards, and embedded management to help to reduce operation costs, and simplify support management.


DL360 (Gen10)

The Gen10 is equipped with the latest Xeon processor and expanded memory. Its flexible design allows you to employ both SAS/SATA and NVMe in the same chassis and reconfigure drive compositions to improve performance. The Gen10 includes enhanced security features that can detect potential risks and protect your information better than ever. It also offers flexible networking bandwidth and fabric to accommodate internal business changes.


DL380 (Gen9)

This Gen9 DL380 server can handle anything from simple to advanced operations. It makes reliable, expandable storage for databases and analytics even better. It's designed to maximize service through active and passive workload acceleration support. This new feature reduces operating costs without compromising operations quality. 


DL380 (Gen10)

The Gen10 is built to increase stability and performance while maintaining cost efficiency and security. It features enhanced security measures, upgraded storage, expanded server tuning capabilities, and an adapted chassis to adjust for business growth. The Gen10 will keep up with your growing business and network needs.


ProLiant ML Series

ML350 Gen9

The Gen9 ML350 is built to provide high-performance operations and enable smooth collaboration without compromising security. It has the capability to deploy, monitor, and maintain the server lifecycle with automation. 


ML350 Gen10

The Gen10 ML350 is designed with versatility at its core to offer scalable options that provide exceptional performance. It supports up to two Intel Xeon processors, works with numerous operating systems and provides networking bandwidth and fabric flexibility to adapt to specific business needs. The Gen10 also provides technology to detects potential risks and reduce downtime.

RapidCare Hardware Maintenance


The service levels that are ideal for you

Have peace of mind knowing you’ll be back up and running quickly.

The best lifetime warranty as standard business practice

On top of huge savings, you also get the peace of mind of a product that is backed by an amazing warranty.

Advance replacement throughout your lifetime

To make things even better, your equal2new lifetime warranty includes advancereplacement. This helps you maintain your network and address any issues that arise in a timely manner.

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4-Hour Response Time

We call it RapidCare® because it’s the fastest, easiest way to get the customized support you need.