Used HP Procurve Switches

HP Procurve SwitchWhen you think new and used HP ProCurve - think CXtec

We don’t need to tell you about the quality of HP ProCurve switches.

HP offers a very simple, straightforward switching line with LAN capabilities, and it’s backed by a lifetime warranty with advance replacement. Oh, and they include free software downloads as well. Just the kind of peace of mind and value you enjoy.

Now we’re here to tell you about how to take your used HP ProCurve solutions to the next level with CXtec

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Quality Used HP Procurve Solutions

Huge savings - up to 90% off list prices

When you choose equal2new, you will save 40% to 90% when compared to manufacturer list prices - freeing up more IT budget dollars.

The best lifetime warranty as standard business practice

On top of huge savings, you also get the peace of mind of a product that is backed by an amazing warranty.

Advance replacement throughout your lifetime

To make things even better, your equal2new lifetime warranty includes advance replacement. This helps you maintain your network and address any issues that arise in a timely manner.

99.51% out-of-the-box reliability rating - equal to or better than new!

Over 20 years of happy customers can attest to the performance and reliability of equal2new equipment. Our reliability rating has stood the test of time with a reliability that is equal to or better than out-of-box new hardware.

Industry-leading testing and certification process

To meet the standard of equal2new, each unit is fully tested. This ensures consistently high quality and performance for our customers.

equal2new® – The highest quality refurbished HP anywhere

What’s equal2new®? It’s CXtec’s own brand of certified pre-owned networking hardware. But more than that, it’s our promise that any equipment you get from us will be equal to, or better than, new.

So if you’re in the market for the best used HP equipment around, you need look no further. Our equal2new refurbished HP ProCurve switches and other equipment is backed by a true lifetime warranty and guaranteed to perform.

You get double the warranty coverage at up to 90% off list price when you buy used HP switches from us. And you can back your equal2new refurbished HP equipment with CXtec’s RapidCare® next-business-day advance replacement offering. RapidCare is the most reliable way to ensure uptime in your network and still save up to 50% over traditional OEM maintenance programs.

With CXtec and equal2new, you get more than just used HP ProCurve. You get top-notch quality along with the expertise and support to give you unmatched peace of mind.

Get the new and used HP equipment you need, when you need it

CXtec provides full life cycle management. That means we provide the solution that works best for you at the pace that’s right for you.

If acquiring used HP hardware works best for your IT infrastructure, we accommodate your needs with equal2new refurbished HP ProCurve equipment that helps you save on your IT budget. If you need that equipment right away, we have over 250,000 items in stock and ready to ship with same day shipping on most orders!

Our extensive HP inventory includes legacy to leading-edge products.

But that’s not all. We’ll even buy used HP switches, HP routers, or any other brand of used products, to help offset the cost of your next HP purchase. There’s no better means of stretching your budget further than ever before, and it’s just another way Technology @ Your Pace works for you.

Get all the quality and performance of new HP Procurve switches at a fraction of the cost. Get started today!

All the refurbished HP ProCurve solutions for education institutions

You know all about HP’s presence in the education vertical. Their simple, effective switching solutions are ideal for any educational institution.

That’s why CXtec offers a dedicated education sales team for all your new and used HP ProCurve needs. Our team has extensive experience with the ins and outs of the E-Rate program.

We’re committed to being an expert in helping our customers utilize the program to their fullest advantage. We know how to help you procure the new and used HP equipment to keep your facility running at peak capacity.

Quality HP maintenance without compromise

Choosing to invest in our HPE hardware is a smart decision, but now you need to think about how to sustain your entire HP network.

Say goodbye to expensive HP support and hello to RapidCare, our third-party maintenance program.

RapidCare will support your HP and HP ProCurve products in a customized, scalable, and affordable approach. As you continue growing your network, our advanced experience in hybrid support delivers the knowledge and resources for your hardware.

RapidCare Maintenance Support Levels


  • Tech Support 8AM-5PM (M-F)
  • NBD On-Site Service


  • Tech Support 8AM-5PM (M-F)
  • 4-Hour Response Time


  • Tech Support 24 Hours x 7 Days
  • 4-Hour Response Time

With all the SLA levels you need a team of dedicated engineers, your HP maintenance is our number one priority.

Offering you all the flexibility you need, we’ll build a strategy to keep costs low, coverage high and satisfaction guaranteed.


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