Cisco Compatible SFPs

Cisco Compatible SFP Modules

Our Cisco compatible SFPs are simply the most reliable way to get the quality SFP you want without the big price tag – and backed by a lifetime warranty to give you unrivaled peace of mind.

The costs for Cisco SFP modules can really add up over time. CXtec provides a smart alternative to help you save a lot of money.

Everything You Want When Purchasing Cisco Compatible SFPs

  • Industry-Leading Lifetime Warranty - Lifetime warranty on all compatible Cisco SFP modules to give you unrivaled peace of mind.
  • Big Savings - All the quality you expect at a fraction of the price. Up to 90% off list price.
  • Identical Technology - These Cisco SFPs and GBICs are the exact same as the OEM brand - but cost a lot less.
  • Expertise and Resources - Dedicated Cisco experts and resources to help you get the right products at the right price.

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You get the exact same hardware as OEM optics, but pay a lot less. You can't pass this up!

Quality, reliability and big savings

The best part of our Cisco compatible SFP modules is that you won’t sacrifice any quality or reliability with all of the savings you receive. In fact, you get everything you’ve come to expect from Cisco SFPs at up to 90% off list price. How?

Our compatible SFPs contain the same opto-electronics and are supplied by the same distributers as Cisco SFP modules – they’re the same hardware. The only difference? The price.

You get the same high-quality you expect from OEM transceivers at a fraction of the cost. Plus, ours are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Extensive Cisco Compatible SFP inventory for all your needs

Popular Compatible Cisco SFPs

GLC-T - Cisco Compatible SFP Module 

GLC-SX-MM - Cisco Compatible SFP Module   

GLC-LH-SM - Cisco Compatible SFP Module     

GLC-ZX-SM - Cisco Compatible SFP Module

Are you getting authentic Cisco SFP modules?

Cisco SFPs are in constant danger of counterfeiting.

Because of this, we have stringent counterfeit abatement procedures in place to safeguard your gear. Learn all about our commitment to authenticity here.