Cisco 2970 Switches (Non PoE)

Cisco Catalyst 2970 Series Switches

The Cisco Catalyst 2970 Series Switches are standalone, Layer 2 fixed-configuration switches featuring Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.

  • Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses and enterprise branch offices
  • Available with Cisco Enhanced Image (EI) IOS® Software
  • Identity Based Network Services and multilayer QoS capabilities
  • Enables applications such as IP telephony and real-time streaming multimedia


In order to illustrate the differences between these switches, we’ve provided a table to show you the basics.

Model Gig / Fast Ethernet Layer Standalone / Stackable PoE Fixed Ports GBIC/SFP Backplane EOL / EOS
WS-C2970G-24T-E Gig 2 Standalone   Fixed 10/100/1000, 24 RJ45   24 Gbps Yes (4/17/06)
WS-C2970G-24TS-E Gig 2 Standalone   Fixed 10/100/1000, 24 RJ45 SFP GBIC, 4 28 Gbps Yes (4/17/06)

*The information herein is not necessarily a complete representation of all features/functionality. It is meant to be a brief overview and a guide to help make your search for hardware convenient.

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