Cisco 2800 Switches (Non PoE)

Cisco Catalyst 2800 Series Switches

The Catalyst 2800 switch series can improve network performance to the desktop, server, and backbone, especially in networks that use high-performance workstations and servers, use bandwidth-intensive applications, transfer large graphic, audio, and video files, and require access to the same network resources and the Internet.

  • 12 or 24 10BaseT ports deliver dedicated 10 Mbps of bandwidth
  • Full-duplex operation on all ports
  • Two high-speed expansion slots maximize high-speed configuration and backbone flexibility
  • Fast EtherChannel provides up to 400-Mbps of bandwidth to switches, routers, and servers
  • No per-port Media Access Control (MAC) address limitations – provides flexibility to connect to individual users or shared hubs


In order to illustrate the differences between these switches, we've provided a table to show you the basics.

Model Gig / Fast Ethernet Layer Standalone / Stackable PoE Fixed Ports GBIC/SFP Backplane EOL / EOS
WS-C2822-EN 10 mb ports 2 Standalone   Fixed 10Base-T, 24 RJ45     Yes (4/30/99)
WS-C2828-EN 10 mb ports 2 Standalone   Fixed 10Base-T, 24 RJ45   1 Gbps Yes (7/27/02)

*The information herein is not necessarily a complete representation of all features/functionality. It is meant to be a brief overview and a guide to help make your search for hardware convenient.

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