Why equal2new

Because we know what you’re up against – we created the solution.

Our equal2new® brand has been around since 1995, making it the longest-tenured, most trusted pre-owned equipment in the world.

CXtec and equal2new® can:

Extend your budget dollars

Since equal2new® equipment is priced up to 90% less than list price, you get more technology for less. How you use that savings is entirely up to you! Take the money saved on your networking, server, storage, and voice equipment and apply it anywhere you feel would best benefit your organization.

Maximize your current investment

You can maintain your current technology infrastructure by continuing to utilize products no longer supported by manufacturers.

Reduce the need for forklift upgrades

Upgrade the area of your infrastructure where it makes sense, and do it at your own pace. Apply resources you’d otherwise use on equipment to other important projects.

Customize solutions specific to your needs

Get solutions to fit your individualized needs, unique to your particular circumstances, not the manufacturer’s.

Help you implement a spares/back-up program

With equal2new, you have the opportunity to create a spares program for unforeseen needs. Never get stuck high and dry again without a back-up plan in case of emergency or product failure.

Provide responsiveness/flexibility

Sometimes things happen last minute and you’re in a rush. We realize this and go above and beyond to be responsive and flexible to your needs. And with more than 110 million dollars' worth of products in-stock and ready to ship, we’re able to meet most of your requests immediately.

Give you individual attention

At CXtec, you’re not treated as just one of a number. Our dedicated sales reps work closely with you to satisfy every technology need you have, no matter how big or small.

Find out why you should choose equal2new in this information sheet


Make Your Job Easier with a Smarter Way to Buy Network Hardware

We’re often asked the very simple question, “Why equal2new?” It’s a legitimate question in today’s climate of budget and personnel cuts where upper level management can inhibit the decision-making process with paranoia and lack of direction.
We’ve heard that story many times before: sometimes those above us can be more of a hindrance than an aid to our abilities to do our jobs. This obstacle leads many of us to be happy just maintaining the status quo.
That not enough. It's time to Redefine IT Strategy™.
We’ve found that there’s usually more of a risk in doing nothing than there is in trying a product you haven’t before, but could have significant benefits. It’s like the saying goes, “No one’s ever gotten fired for buying new hardware, but no one’s ever gotten promoted either.”
That’s where we feel CXtec and equal2new can assist you. When we’re asked – “Why equal2new?” – we know you expect an answer that explains how equal2new can help you solve problems you deal with every day, not just why we think it could be beneficial.
We’re not here to tell you how to do your job; our goal is to help you fulfill your needs and accomplish your business missions. It was with that goal in mind that we first created the equal2new brand. So how can equal2new make your job easier every day?

Is it possible to get all the reliability and performance of new from pre-owned equipment? Yes!

Maybe you are used to buying brand new OEM hardware exclusively. You probably feel it’s the safest and most reliable choice, even if it costs more.  

Would you be shocked to know that a substantial percentage of network hardware failures happen shortly after a customer takes delivery from the OEM? It’s true.  

Look at the graph below. It represents the failure rate of hardware throughout its lifecycle. As you can see, failures rates are higher at two distinct time ranges.  Failures occur more often at the beginning and end of the life of hardware.  Therefore, there is a sweet spot where hardware failure rates are lower, thereby providing a higher degree of reliability and performance.

equipment failures curve - network hardware & IT equipment

To increase the reliability of equal2new equipment and avoiding hardware failures, we fully test every unit of equal2new.  

Plus, our dedication to supplying the highest quality sets us apart. Our testing and certification process is unparalleled in the industry.  

  • ISO certified quality process 

  • Dedicated 80,000 square foot testing and certification centers 

  • Hardware goes through stringent standards to become an equal2new product 

  • We go above and beyond when it comes to handling, packaging, and shipping your products. 

Get top quality IT hardware at 40% to 90% off with lifetime warranty.