Ease of doing business means so much

What does it mean to Know Your Source®? It means asking the right questions about your technology partner to ensure you're getting the highest quality equipment, at the best value, for your business. If your vendor can't make your life easier, maybe it's time to consider another vendor.

When it comes to ease of doing business, your technology provider should deliver on several fronts. These are the questions you should consider when assessing your current vendor:

Can you provide quick response times?

You should be a high priority to your technology partner. They should respond to requests for quotes and inquiries in a timely fashion, making your needs matter. You can't afford to have your critical projects slowed down by a vendor that makes you wait. Look for someone with quick response times.

How much stock do you keep in inventory?

Not only does a vendor's inventory indicate their financial strength and their commitment to being around for the long haul, it also makes things easier for you. They can provide your equipment much quicker, often with same-day shipping availability on many items. Try to do business with a partner with an extensive inventory – they speed up your lead times to receiving your hardware.

Can you provide technical support?

If you have a technical question, you need your partner to be able to answer it. It ensures you make smart decisions with your investments and that you make the most of the technology you're using. That's what your vendor is there to help you do. Put your current provider to the test. Ask some technical questions and make sure they have the expertise to respond. If not, you're just buying from a box-pusher.

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Guide to Selling Your Network Hardware the Smart Way
Maximize your return on investment and protect your sensitive data

It’s a wise decision to get the highest return on investment for your technology, but organizations often don’t take advantage of the resources at their disposal. CXtec has provided a guide to show you how to get the best value for your used technology, while still ensuring your sensitive information is kept safe.

In this guide, you will get tips on:

  • Safeguarding your sensitive information on your network hardware
  • Protecting your reputation
  • Reducing or eliminating shipping costs
  • Getting maximum value for your hardware
  • Finding a reliable partner