The best value you can get for your money

What does it mean to Know Your Source®? It means asking the right questions about your technology partner to ensure you’re getting the highest quality equipment, at the best value, for your business. If your vendor can’t live up to certain standards of quality, maybe it’s time to consider another vendor.

When it comes to maximizing value, your technology partner should deliver on several fronts. These are the questions you should consider when assessing your current vendor:

What is the reliability rating on their pre-owned hardware offering?

A reputable vendor should keep ongoing statistics on the reliability rating of their hardware. You should expect it to be 99% or higher. If it’s not, then how thorough and dependable could their refurbishing process really be? And if the hardware itself isn’t reliable, then no amount of cost savings can make the risk worthwhile.

Will they buy your used hardware from you?

The ability to sell your used hardware back is incredibly beneficial to your bottom line. Ideally, you should be able to sell to the same vendor you buy form, for cash or credit on account to offset the cost of your investment. And if they don’t want to buy your equipment from you, then from where are they sourcing their hardware?

How much cost savings can I get?

The most meaningful question is how much will you be paying for their hardware. It’s essential to get deep discounts off list price, but keep in mind that quality does come with a bit of a price tag. If it’s priced almost too cheaply, you have to question just how reliable the hardware you’re getting is.

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Guide to Selling Your Network Hardware the Smart Way
Maximize your return on investment and protect your sensitive data

It’s a wise decision to get the highest return on investment for your technology, but organizations often don’t take advantage of the resources at their disposal. CXtec has provided a guide to show you how to get the best value for your used technology, while still ensuring your sensitive information is kept safe.

In this guide, you will get tips on:

  • Safeguarding your sensitive information on your network hardware
  • Protecting your reputation
  • Reducing or eliminating shipping costs
  • Getting maximum value for your hardware
  • Finding a reliable partner