Since its inception in 1995, our exclusive brand of equal2new® certified pre-owned equipment has helped organizations save millions on the cost of their technology infrastructures.

With networking, server, storage, and voice hardware to cover all your needs, equal2new is the brand that saves you money without sacrificing quality. Find out why.

Leading Technology Innovation for Over 20 Years

Our equal2new brand stands for quality and peace of mind. It means more money in your pocket, and it makes your job easier by allowing you to spend the money you save on the things your organization needs to succeed.

Commitment to Your Success

Our promise is that any hardware you receive from us will be equal to – or better than – new. It's just one of the ways CXtec helps you Redefine IT Strategy with complete life cycle management of your technology.

For more than 20 years, equal2new customers have maximized the value of their technology investments with all the brands you trust - like Cisco, Nortel, Avaya, HP, 3Com and many more.

Backed by a 99.51% reliability rating and a true lifetime warranty, equal2new is the most established pre-owned brand in the industry.

Top-Quality Network Hardware Certification Process

All equal2new equipment is produced in our 70,000 square foot, electrostatic discharge (ESD)-protected Technology Certification and Distribution Center (TCDC). Every piece undergoes a rigorous certification process, backed by an ISO 9001:2015-certified quality management system, to ensure a reliable product every single time.

Cost Savings

Save your budget money for business-critical investments

Today, more than ever, you’re faced with the daunting task of doing more with fewer resources to accomplish your tasks. So when squeezed, you’re forced to find creative ways to make a limited budget go further.
At a fraction of the cost of new equipment, equal2new not only allows you to maximize your return on investment and lower operating expenses but saves money for other high-valued technology needs. By purchasing equal2new your team can finally focus on what’s most important – driving your business forward.
With equal2new, not only do you get equipment that is up to 90% off list price, but with cost savings comes peace of mind. Remember our 99.51% reliability rating and industry-leading lifetime warranty? Think of the possibilities that come with equal2new.

equal2new®: A New Product Category

Redefining “used” networking equipment

Our equal2new brand stands for quality and peace of mind. We understand that an upgrade doesn't always make sense for your business. That's why since 1978, CXtec has delivered solutions that work best for your needs, not the manufacturers. It's the philosophy that drives the value and quality of equal2new.
Implementing life cycle management helps you simplify the buying process and reduce the cost of your infrastructure, while ensuring the quality and reliability your organization needs to succeed. That's a smart way to redefine your technology strategy.
In this industry, manufacturers move a lot faster than your technology needs. In these instances, maintaining your current infrastructure until an upgrade makes more sense might be the ideal strategy for you. Besides, who knows more about what to implement, when to upgrade, and when to maintain your current investment other than you? It only makes sense for you to call the shots when it comes to deciding what is best for your technology infrastructure.
With equal2new, you can acquire the legacy equipment you rely on and maintain the infrastructure you’ve already built – maximizing the technology investments you’ve already made. We don't push products you don’t need, instead we offer an entire team of engineers who provide pre- and post-sale support to help determine the best equal2new solution that works for your timeframe and budget.
Don’t think of equal2new as the “old” stuff. It may not be brand new, but it’s certainly not just “used” either – equal2new is an entirely new product category that provides you with the quality and reliability you need, while also maximizing your budget. We’re constantly adding newer product lines as equal2new, showing our ability to adapt to meet your business needs.