equal2new® Troops

Couldn't we all use a little help defending our IT infrastructure investments?

Our equal2new® troops are ready to deploy anywhere you need them. Come join the fun!

Defending your investment from land, air, and sea!

We know your network can use all the protection it can get. That’s why we include troops, planes, jeeps, tanks, helicopters, ships or motorcycles in every equal2new® order to keep an eye on it for you.

New in 2020 we've added fighter planes! Don't miss these classic planes – they're here to help provide complete IT life cycle management.

Show us where you've placed your troops and vehicles - we'd love to see them in action. Just upload a pic and we'll send you a t-shirt so you can show everyone how you protect your investment.

Share in the fun on social: #DefendYourInvestment

Upload your photos!

Limited edition Platinum Elite troops take your protection to the next level

You're already part of an elite group by purchasing the world's best brand of certified pre-owned networking and voice hardware - now be rewarded for it. We also offer limited edition Platinum Elite troops!

If you receive the Platinum Elite troops, take a pic of them in action, let us know their authenticity numbers (located underneath each troop), and in addition to a t-shirt we'll even send you a ThinkGeek.com gift card.


Take a photo
of your troops
or vehicles
in action.

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