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Meet the E-Team

The Troops Who Defend Your Network

When your network needs defending, you call on the E-Team...


As leader of the E-Team, Napoleon Jones is a no-nonsense, get-it-done kind of guy. Specializing in server hardware investments, he’ll stop at nothing to get the job done right.

Even though he’s all business when it comes to protecting IT infrastructure investments, he still knows how to have fun when the job is done.


Don’t let his good looks fool you – Handsome is as tough as it gets when the time comes to maximize your storage hardware investments.

If you’re looking to get the highest quality and the best value, you’ll find he’s not just another pretty face.


It drives Malone absolutely crazy when he sees people paying too much for inferior quality networking hardware. He knows equal2new is the best, and he wants the world to know.

Whatever networking hardware you need – switches, routers, wireless, optics, and more – he’s wild about getting you the best investment.


He might not smile much, but he’s the best friend you could have when you want high-quality refurbished phones and voice equipment.

“I feel bad for the punk that buys crummy phones that aren’t equal2new,” says Maracus.