Quality Control

Nothing is left to chance with our equal2new® certification process.

We check each of our steps with QC procedures to ensure nothing has been overlooked.

Our guarantee that any hardware you receive will be equal to - or better than - new

Every piece of equal2new® equipment you receive comes with our guarantee that it works and looks like new. Our quality control (QC) processes consist of physically cleaning and refurbishing the hardware, as well as verifying the quality of each previous step in the process.

Ensuring you receive unrivaled quality:

  • Remove covers to clean
  • Freshly paint any surfaces
  • Include all additional components

During QC, the equipment is checked and double-checked to ensure the highest quality and that nothing has been overlooked in previous steps.

We ensure you receive equipment that both works and looks like new - that’s why it’s equal2new.

To see all the steps in our process, check out:


It all starts with opening up the equipment, removing all covers and blowing out any excess dirt and debris with an air gun. Then the equipment is checked thoroughly for any possible water damage or residue that could damage working parts.

Next, we make sure the hardware is fully cleaned and in great cosmetic condition. Removing any excess/foreign labeling from all sides, we then replace any bent or broken brackets. All ports are thoroughly checked and cleaned on the device.

Any covers or surfaces that require touch-ups are then painted to look brand new or better. In this step, we also fix any piece that needs repairing, such as fans that are too loud or non-functioning.

Plugs are placed in ports to protect them from dust or any other debris that could enter during the packing/shipping process. Lost screw connectors, power supplies, or rack mount hardware are all replaced to avoid missing or damaged parts on equal2new products.

On the way to earning equal2new certification, every piece of equipment is again thoroughly cleaned, polished, and detailed so that you receive equipment that is nearly perfect.

Final Quality Verification

We double-check everything performed on each product previously for the ultimate quality control measures. All brackets, screws, ports and port plugs are tested multiple times on all units.

We make sure the labels are correct, and that any corresponding power cords and/or cables are attached. Products that receive any modifications undergo a second set of diagnostic tests to make sure they’re working properly and that they still hold up to manufacturer’s specifications.

Nothing is left to chance with equal2new.

equal2new® Certification

In the final quality control inspection, an expert evaluator reviews all the stages of the process. Just as all the other testers and inspectors have done before, we electronically update the barcode tracking information unique to that product.

Finally, after passing more tests than the original manufacturer ever put it through, the hardware earns its equal2new certification. The equal2new seal is your guarantee for the highest quality performance.