Phone Refurbishing

Why are equal2new® phones the best in the industry?

Check out the process we put every phone through.

The best quality phone refurbishing process in the industry

We put a great amount of time and pride into developing an in-depth refurbishing process on our equal2new® phones. Every phone receives maximum quality care and treatment at our 70,000-square-foot, electrostatic discharge (ESD)-protected Technology Certification and Distribution Center (TCDC).

Phones guaranteed to perform:

  • Cleaned and sanitized
  • Full functionality testing
  • New components
  • Reset to factory defaults

CXtec sets the industry standard for quality refurbished phones with our rigid testing and certification process performed on all the brands and models you rely on.

Every phone is backed by our industry-leading lifetime warranty to ensure you receive a clean, fully-functional phone that’s ready to deploy right out of the box.

This detail-driven process truly illustrates the quality of equal2new.

To see all the steps in our process, check out:

Phone Certification Process

Remove housing - First we take the back of the housing and the board off the phone. This is the first step toward giving the phones a cosmetic uplift. Giving them a new housing greatly improves the look and feel of the phone, but our process doesn't end there.

Clean rubber mat - Next we clean the rubber mat that cushions the buttons on the inside of the phone. We want this clean so that no residue gums up the works and slows the buttons down.

Remove old components - Then we remove old components to be replaced by new ones. Old, worn-out parts look ugly and don’t work as well, so we replace them.

Insert new LCD housing - Next we take apart the old LCD housing, insert it into a new housing, and snap the new housing onto the phone.

New lights/buttons - Then we put the lights in and new buttons as well. We change all buttons and designation strips/plastic covers, and thoroughly clean the phone using non-abrasive, non-sticky cleansers. This ensures the phones are free from blemishes and look brand new. We clean dust build-up and grime out of crevices to provide you the peace of mind that you’re receiving clean, antiseptic products.

Reassemble phone - Next we replace the rubber mat and reassemble the phone, screwing the new board down, and attaching the back of the housing.

New handset - We then give the phone a new handset and plug it into a working port.

Full functionality testing - We place calls to and from the phone to ensure that it’s fully operational. We ensure that the handset works, speaker function works, all buttons are operating, lights come on, all lines are functioning, and that the phone is fully operational. We go to great lengths to ensure that every function on each phone is working perfectly so you don’t end up with non-working features on an inadequate phone. You can be sure all the features on your equal2new phones are in working order.

We won’t bore you with all the behind-the-scene details, but this provides a comprehensive overview of how much pride we take in providing the utmost quality in your equal2new phones.

Learn how our phone packaging ships safely to you, ready to go, right out of the box here.

Reset Configurations – All proprietary information removed

We reset each phone to its factory default mode. This assures that all IP addresses, passwords and proprietary information associated with the device’s previous owner are deleted.

We ensure that the phones you receive will be clean, set to factory defaults, free from previous configurations, and ready to handle your business needs. You can be sure that any equal2new phone will be ready to be fully operational immediately upon arrival.