H-Series Enclosures


CABLExpress H-Series EnclosuresHigh-density enclosure solutions are integral to saving space while attaining the speeds and performance you need in your data center.

CXtec is here to help you achieve improved cable management and space savings with fiber enclosures ready to handle any size solution your organization requires.

Take Your Cable Management to a New Level

Our CABLExpress® H-Series enclosures allow you to accommodate up to 576 ports in a single 10U enclosure, while replicating the configuration of manufacturers’ enterprise- and director-class switches.
With port replication, you ensure the configuration of the patch panels on your enclosures is identical to the ports on your switches. This reduces confusion during moves, adds and changes to your cabling.

H-Series Fiber Fiber Enclosures

The Power of Port Replication for All Your Switches
  • Physically replicate any switch configuration.
  • H-Series 12U high-density enclosures provide full port replication of 64-, 48- or 32-port SAN director-class switches.
  • H-Series 10U enclosures come in 24-slot and 8-slot versions to provide full port replication for all major hardware manufacturers’ enterprise-class switches.
  • Also available in 1U, 4U and 6U options, allowing physical switch emulation for any density.
  • Modules and adapter panels allow for easy future upgrades, keeping your structured cabling system intact when hardware upgrades occur.
  • Ultra low-loss components allow both flexibility in fiber network design and for more connections while remaining under optical loss budgets.
  • Molded, angled MTP® provides easy removal and insertion.
  • Multiple port densities in horizontal and/or vertical footprints.
  • Lifetime warranty comes standard with all CABLExpress brand products.



H-Series Fiber Enclosures Product Specifications

Size Number of Slots Maximum LC Duplex Port Count Orientation
1U 2 48 Horizontal
4U 12 144 Vertical
6U 12 288 Vertical
10U 8-slot 8 384 Both
10U 24-slot 24 576 Both
12U 8 512 Vertical


Learn more about the benefits of port replication in our free white paper.
Passive Optical Port Replication in the Data Center