Copper Cables

Anyone who says copper network cabling is all the same is lucky to have never had a low-quality cable.

Don't take chances - use the best.

Cat6 Cables and Cat5e Cables

We are proud to offer a full line of copper cables from CABLExpress® including Cat6 patch cables, reduced diameter Cat6 cables, Cat6 trunk cables, and more.

Cat6 Patch Cables
Our CABLExpress Cat6 patch cables are perfect for IT pros who value quality and affordability. Not only do these cables have a long-standing reputation for performance and reliability, they also come with a lifetime warranty.

For projects big and small CABLExpress Cat6 cables are a smart choice. Plus, our helpful cabling team can help answer and questions or help provide you with exactly what you need.

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Mini Cat6 - Reduced Diameter Cat6 Cables
Mini Cat6 cables are the top performance reduced diameter Cat6 cables provided to IT pros worldwide by CABLExpress. Specially designed to help save space for better cable management and easier access.

These reduced diameter also helps cooling in higher density areas.    CABLExpress is so sure of their products these Cat6 cables are backed by a lifetime warranty. Reduced diameter Cat6 also available for trunk cables.

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Cat6 Trunk Cables
Our copper trunks are the reliable, fully customizable solution for reduced installation time and cost in your data center. Available in standard size and mini Cat6 version, our copper trunks eliminate the need for field termination expertise with their plug-and-play design.

With breakout legs of just 0.148 inches in diameter, our mini Cat6 copper trunk is ideal for plugging directly into your hardware.

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Cat5e Cables
We have a vast selection of Cat5e options in stock and ready to ship. Do you need quick turnaround times at great prices? Of course you do! With CABLExpress you get the highest quality Cat5e cables you need right away and at a price that can’t be beaten.

Our stock length Cat5e cables usually ship the same day if they’re ordered by 5 p.m. EST.
Able to transfer voice, data and video at speeds of 350 MHz.

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